Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Jack Spade Went From Dead Animals to Bonnie Rotten

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The more and more he thinks about Jack Spade the more perplexer Rob Black gets. As he usually manages to do, Black was able to tie up disparate events and make a case on his Wednesday show, .

“Free Speech has a bowling event [July 28] and charging fans $20 to make contact with escorts and have contacts with the tricks,” Black pointed out.

“And it goes to Capistrano and Diane Duke. It pays for their car. I know it isn’t helping Lucas Stone. Where is the hooker bowl-off money going?” he wondered.

Speaking of hookers, Black, it seems, has now become infatuated with the Jack Spade story.

“Who is this guy? Him and Jenny Hendrix would have parties in Florida and were running hooker stuff out of their house. Jenny Hendrix, Tom Byron told me was like a super hooker. Jack Spade I guess was the pimp of that whole controversy.

“I didn’t know of Jack Spade- he was beating the shit out of his girlfriend [Hendrix] and having fuck parties. But this motherfucker is telling you he’s a wholesome guy. And then he gets involved with guys who are murdering animals and having them fuck them.”

[Spade along with Eli Thomas ran the Alternative Modeling Talent Agency in Florida which supplied porn girls like Daisy Duxxx to a company called Sexy Outdoor Sports for which the girls would kill animals then have sex next to their carcasses.]

“I’m not bullshitting you. It was an old story but I never knew about this,” said Black.

“He goes from being with a woman at fuck parties and they go from there and now he gets with a girl where they set up a business where guys can kill animals and fuck next to dead animal carcasses. He went from that to somehow Trinity St. Clair and Bonnie Rotten.

“Jack Spade went straight from dead animals to Bonnie Rotten. He caresses her at night, rubs her feet, handles her money. He makes sure she can get more tattoos. What I don’t get is how Trinity St. Clair and Jack Spade’s names keep coming up in this hooker agency.

“I’m lost on that – and Jack Spade is good friends with Teagan’ Presley’s husband.

[It hasn’t been proven, but it’s suspected that Presley might be the same Ashley Erickson who’s running an escort agency, for which Allie Haze [pictured] was working for a time.]

“And this breaks my heart that Allie Haze was doing dates in New York,” said Black. Motherfucker, man. Really? It broke my heart. And they all hang out together. But Jack Spade somehow says he had nothing to do with Trinity St. Clair and the Richard Nanula shakedown scam with Samantha Saint.

“I’m not sure how that whole connecting of shit works. And the fact that you bastards would put my poor girl Allie Haze in a situation where she’s doing escort gigs out of New York hotels rooms, it pisses me off.

“This is a former Vivid contract girl, a Cinemax star, and she could charge enormous amounts of money in Las Vegas. People would pay a premium to have sex with her. She could make it a business in Vegas.

“Every six weeks or so we’ll have you at The Bunny Ranch and announce it on every site. She would probably make between $20,000 and $40,000. Tom Byron went out with Sunny Lane, one of the quintessential escorts.”

Black’s point was, instead of doing cheap tricks with Johns in bowling alley parking lots, porn girls should be smart and market their wares for maximum monetary value.

“Why can’t we be smart and be organized? Why can’t we get together and be smarter? I’m lost on this. Why should Allie Haze be on a site with some of the dreggiest girls in the business. Why shouldn’t she be promoted.

“Guys out there that own brothels would do business with us. We shoot illegally in Vegas with Manwin, why not go outside of Vegas where it’s legal? Why would we not work with people there? Why am I bad for trying to turn our industry into a business and have it regulated and be a real industry? I’m fucking confused. I love prostitutes. I love the aspect.

“Allie Haze- I want to fucking hold her like the little baby Jesus in a manger. Why she’s doing this I’m perplexed. She’s a star – instead of taking the clean, healthy safety route, she would be doing illegal activities and putting herself in the line of fire. Cut out the scumbag pimps and let’s get organized. This agency is taking these girls and making them into street hookers. That disgusts me.”

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