Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: James Deen Visits with the Relevant Kevin and Bean

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Farrah Abraham has been lying from the get go. And even though Kevin & Been “suck” according to Rob Black, James Deen was on their relevant morning show to give the absolute low down on the Abraham sex tape, Backdoor Teen Mom.

As I noted in my review of it, Farrah Abraham has been fucked in the ass before. No doubt about it. This girl is no stranger to dick in her butt. Although Deen doesn’t mention Gina Rodriguez by name, I told Rob Black on his show Friday that rumors, were, Rodriguez- though I didn’t mention her by name- I was waiting for the right time- had been banging Steve Hirsch and that’s how the Abraham deal was consummated.

Until yesterday had been offering the tape for nothing. But that’s okay another tube site will pick it up.

Deen, I’ll say this for him, is a pretty open guy. But Deen contradicts himself. “I was proud of the way I shot it,” he says. In the beginning of the interview Deen also states, “‘It’s a Vivid movie. Vivid called me and said we’re making a porno do you want to be in it.'”

I shot it, but Vivid did it. Perhaps we quibble. Deen said he asked who the girl was, looked up stuff on Abraham and thought she looked “cute”.

“We talked and I said my requirements; she said her requirements and we shot a scene.”

Asked if he made $5,000 as stated in press reports, Deen said he didn’t like talking about how much money he makes. “It makes me uncomfortable. But I can safely say it’s not accurate and I can safely say it came from the same place her check came from, a payroll company which is PES Payroll which is employed by Vivid Entertainment.”

Asked if Abraham was responsible for all the lies, Deen said, “Vivid works with everyone. I don’t know if they came to her, she came to them. Her manager is an ex adult performer [Gina Rodriguez] and she has connections with people and so, however it happened, it happened. It’s none of my business. I don’t care.

“All I know is I get a call from the director and she says, ‘Hey we need somebody who is under 30 to do this scene.’ It was back and forth and it came to this whole thing that she [Abraham] had a marketing plan that conflicted with Vivid’s marketing plan. But Vivid didn’t care because for reasons I’m not allowed to disclose. I don’t like invading peoples’ personal space and privacy. And I don’t want to say something that isn’t my business to advertise.”

It was noted that Abraham was mad at Deen for talking about the tape. Deen explains.

“I didn’t talk about the tape. What happened is I picked her up at her hotel room to drive her to the set. She doesn’t do adult films. I understand her being nervous about having sex with a stranger.

“She wanted to hang out beforehand. I would if I could, but I was flat out busy. Friday we got tested. Saturday our tests come back. Sunday is when we shot the scene. Friday is when we met at the testing facility. Saturday I was on set all day. Sunday, I picked her up on the way to set and hung out while she was in make up and stuff. On the way out of the hotel room someone took a picture of us. We were holding hands. I was trying to flirt and be nice.”

[Which means someone was alerted- my guess, Rodriguez put in a call to TMZ]

After the picture was taken Deen got a call from TMZ 7 AM Monday.

“Hey, are you dating this girl? What’s going on? I said we’re not dating, we did a porno. It turned into this big, huge mess. Before we shot she was doing her marketing strategy and Vivid had their marketing strategy. I’m not going to lie about this. Then Vivid handed me an NDA [non disclosure agreement] the day of set.

“I’m not signing an NDA. Besides it wasn’t a standard NDA. It basically said if anything happens they can cut off my arms. This is on the set. I said there’s no way I’m going to sign this without giving it to my lawyer. So I said I’m not going to sign this. If you don’t want to shoot this scene, that’s fine, I’ll leave.

“So I never signed anything but a standard model release. I can safely say I did not get paid by Farrah. I got paid from Vivid. Farrah was paid from Vivid. Farrah was paid the day of set. They handed her a check.

“My stipulations to do the scene was 1) she had to be tested the same way I was. 2) she had to be on birth control. I was sworn by the people at Vivid that she was on birth control. So this pregnancy-thing, I’m, like, here’s the thing. I didn’t test her urine. I didn’t see her taking birth control so I’m going off on the people I’ve known. I’ve known these people for years. I’ve been working for Vivid since 2004. So I’ve known these people for years and when they tell me she was on birth control, I’m maybe I shouldn’t have trusted them; maybe I should have done my own research.

“But also I don’t know if you’ve seen the video but it’s called Backdoor Teen Mom…this is my issue with what’s going on now. 1) it’s ridiculous; 2) It means I got lied to by people I trusted which is hurtful and makes me sad. 3) When you’re telling people I got paid this much money or it’s my thing, people can say whatever they want; it doesn’t really matter.

“It bother me that there’s a rumor of me being a prostitute and making like private sex tapes for people. But it’s not my style. When you start involving a potential baby, that’s not something that is something to joke about or make a marketing scheme.”

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