Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Joanne Cachapero- Hopefully The Voters Will Not Be Fooled Again

Never mind that Diane Duke and Joanne Cachapero of Free Speech [allegedly] participated in a ruse to get California state assemblyman Mike Gatto elected to suit their purpose of having a man on the inside. [Free Speech placed a No on Measure B ad in a flyer sent out to Republicans that touted Gatto as a Republican when, in fact, he’s a Democrat.]

Yesterday, Cachapero voiced an opinion that LA Voters were fooled into voting for Measure B last November. That’s pretty funny considering the Gatto issue.

Chachapero’s remarks came on the heels of the announcement by AHF that it had enough signatures to put on ballot the creation of a Los Angeles City Health Department for consideration by voters. AHF feels that by having such an entity there will be a more rigorous enforcement of existing porn-condom law.

Cachapero and Diane Duke don’t want that to happen because a more rigorous enforcement of laws would also put her and Duke under scrutiny and then you’d see all the monkey business that has been going on.

Cachapero’s comments are even more puzzling, but not if you accept the fact that she and Duke don’t want any parts of condom regulation. For one thing, they and APHSS would be out of a job when it was revealed that APHSS wasn’t working in the best interests of the talent: The recent reveal that APHSS flunkies Cutting Edge doesn’t test for Hep B and Hep C whereas their competitors Talent Testing Services do.

“Since AHF has apparently gathered enough signatures for a ballot initiative, hopefully, voters will not be fooled again, like they were with Measure B,” Cachapero told XBIZ.

“Will it be worthwhile to create and fund a new city health department at great expense to taxpayers and the city? Will necessary resources and services be disrupted by the creation of a new health agency? These are questions that voters should be asking themselves in regards to AHF’s latest initiative.”

LA voters weren’t fooled by the promenade of half-clad bimbos and porn stars on Hollywood Boulevard proclaiming Free Speech. They saw Measure B for what it is- as a serious health issue, whereas Duke, Cachapero and their Republican attack dog Handsome Jimmy Lee sold it as a flagrant expenditure of taxpayers’ money.

LA voters clearly saw through that sham of an argument and they will continue to vote against anything that’s perceived to allow the adult industry off the hook when it comes to being responsible adults.

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