Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: LukeisBack, Welcome to the Party for Picking Up Vivid Story

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Sunday morning, time stamp [9:19AM] I reported that Vivid broke the moratorium and was shooting Spiderman 2 in Las Vegas

All of you abiding by The Geneva Convention should have been rattled, unnerved and appalled, although I think Andy San Dimas was more concerned about how she looked with her hair parted in the middle.

That was one of her recent tweets but indicative of the fact that porn people aren’t voicing too much concern over lapses of industry protocol and out and out fuck yous which are destroying the business. But Hirsch’s was a great big fuck you considering the fact that his sister Marci sits on the board of Free Speech.

So I was very heartened to see Sunday afternoon [time stamp 4:53 PM] picking up the story about Steve Hirsch and his band of rogues.

The writer said she was sick to her stomach about the news. The writer also said: “When I first heard this rumor I was like no way no how. There is absolutely no way Vivid would ever do anything so seriously irresponsible and careless. But I was wrong.”

Miss lady writer you mention that you’ve been in the business 18 years. I’ve been in it 27 years and I can tell you Hirsch is a scoundrel so this story comes as no shock.

[Remember the contract girl Kira Kener who sued Hirsch and was fired because she asked for the use of a condom on his set? Come on now.]

And let me tell you another story about Steve Hirsch who seems to have shocked you beyond words.

Hirsch was set to dump his contract girl Nikki Tyler and gave the word to Paul Fishbein who gave the word to me to write something about it in AVN.

I did. Nikki Tyler and her then boyfriend Bobby Vitale are fuming when they see this in print. Know what? I was hung out to dry because Hirsch and Fishbein exercised that plausible deniability that is so popular in government circles. Those are the kinds of rats that were and are leading this business, Miss

By the way, I didn’t see any porn site pick up the story when Rob Black and I reported months ago that Hirsch was offering Mr. Marcus directing gigs.

Now getting back to the Vegas story and the shooting of Spiderman 2, if you examine the timeline it was constructed to the announcement and cessation of moratoriums which means Hirsch got the high sign from his buddy Christian Mann over at Free Speech to shoot the movie.

If there’s any outrage, it should also be directed to the fact that Hirsch lied to CNBC when he said Vivid wasn’t shooting until October which made him look like such a good guy, and all the while Spiderman 2 was being shot. Come on guys, are you not outraged?

So, again, welcome to the party, Miss, but any mention of Hirsch-styled appallment should include the name of Christian Mann because those two are joined at the hip.

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