Thoughts Over the Morning’s Coffee: Manwin Had To Know About Mr. Marcus

Were Jessica Bangkok, Debi Diamond and Nicki Hunter offered up as human sacrifice in the recent Manwin purge? One might have to conclude.

After it was revealed by Lisa Ann that Mr. Marcus performed a sex scene on Bangkok’s radio show, Manwin wasted no time in firing Bangkok, Diamond and Hunter for conduct unbecoming on air, i.e., sex, which is kinda hilarious because that’s what these shows are about.

Manwin, though, is acting like this whole Marcus-thing was news to them. Which is equally funny to hear in light of Rebecca Bardoux’s comments on her Internet show Friday night. Bardoux told her fans that she was at the Manwin/Playboy building this past week for an interview with Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn.

Says Bardoux: “I’ll tell you – that building is just beautiful. And you cannot get in. You can sit there and blow the security guard for two days and you will not get up those stairs. It is tight security. If you’re not on the list it’s really tight security there. The guy kept saying do you know what this building is? I said yeah I know what this building is. They were acting like it was a vault or something…or The White House.”

The obvious question is, did Manwin begin these security measures AFTER the Marcus affair, or have they been in place all along? If the answer is “all along,” then Manwin would have had to know that Marcus was there. Which makes them culpable and subject to lawsuits.

In fact, a little birdie told me that there will be one filed against Manwin for what just happened.

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