Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: NY Joe, For the Love of God, Do Something

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I began what I thought was going to be my new Saturday morning tradition- brew a huge cup of coffee and settle in for The Amber Lynn Show and do some re-capping.

But, like a jolt of Nicaraguan caffeine, it became increasingly evident that Amber needs to get a land line. In fact NY Joe [pictured] broke in and asked Amber if she was using a cell phone. Amber said she was.

By the time we got to the 20-minute mark, Alesia Pleasure was bringing up the story that Chanel Preston was denied a bank account with City National Bank and Amber now sounded like she was talking from one of the vaults. It was beyond impossible to make out what she was saying. Too bad. Amber seemed to have the makings of a good show.

NY Joe, you’re a good guy. Talk to your people over at XXX Porn Star Radio. Porn legend, or no porn legend, somebody needs to take a trip to Radio Shack.


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