Thoughts Over the Morning’s Coffee: Someone Had It in for Alex Chance

Here’s where it gets frustrating. In light of new information, I’m fairly certain that the “John” letter that circulated accusing Alex Chance of giving someone syphilis was a ruse. A clever ruse.

I’m pretty sure I know who did it, but I can’t prove it. That’s the part that’s killing me because I was used. Mike South was used. Which is extremely regrettable.

You walk away from this thinking Alex Chance has enemies that would resort to this low rung tactic. And we’ve seen it before in porn, where it’s maybe a child custody case, and it’s generally carried out on a forum where an ex husband or an ex boyfriend circulates a story accusing a porn performer of faking cancer to swindle her fans.

You know the stories I’m talking about. I was involved in one where Bridget Kerkove accused her husband Skeeter of being a child molester. That took months to clear his name, but I was able to help.

It was someone who knew that Chance worked with Mr. Marcus so that the evidence would lead inevitably to Chance’s door. It was someone who had that kind of inside information and was able to spin a diabolical scenario to discredit Alex Chance and set her up.

Who did Alex piss off? A boyfriend? A porn producer or director she didn’t sleep with? Maybe it was a John, I don’t know. Was it somebody at Sardo’s she didn’t go to bed with? I don’t know if Chance goes to PSK or not but Tessa Lane opened that can of worms by telling a mainstream website that she goes home with customers. So we’re dealing with all sorts of possibilities.

It certainly wouldn’t have been AHF leaking this information. Yes, I’ve seen emails in which they discussed using this performer or that performer to their advantage, but Chance is low on the porn food chain. Discrediting her to make a case against the business in light of AB 332 adds nothing.

Or maybe it was someone Chance had business ties with. Performers make and break business deals all the time. Maybe someone was pissed that Chance walked away from such a deal.

Like an Agatha Christie novel, there are many suspects. Like I said, I got my suspicions, and maybe some information will break this case wide open. If so, I wouldn’t want to be the person who set Alex Chance up. Because I’m coming after them.


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