Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: The Arrogance of The Staglianos Runs at An All Time High

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If I were a performer, on general principle alone, I wouldn’t work for John Stagliano. This Kattie Summers case is revealing Stagliano for what he truly is – an officious, arrogant prick. First Karen Stagliano makes comments to the press that Summers’ lawsuit has no merit.

Karen Stagliano, if you’ll recall, had this to say to AVN: “I believe that there is not a substantial case. John did not do anything that endangered anyone whatsoever, especially not this girl [Katie Summers]. I’ve seen the scene. There was no sexual contact that would do anything to warrant him having to have informed her of his condition.”

I take that to mean the same rules applied when Stagliano thrust his manhood into Monica Santhiago’s ass. And I notice no one in the business is addressing that circumstance.

All of this is bad enough, but now we have the real Stagliano emerging on TMZ. I guess because Steve Hirsch is buddy-buddies with Harvey over there, Stagliano gets a pass to say what he wants no matter how outrageous. TMZ has a story where Stagliano describes his scene with Summers as “equivalent to shaking hands.” To make matters even more absurd, the photo put in evidence could have been taken in church.

Come to think of it, lawsuits are filed over contractural handshakes – when one party knowingly enters into an agreement under false pretenses and has full intention of deceiving the other party.

Stagliano did both. He took Summers into his confidence and betrayed her. Perhaps, and I’m just saying perhaps, the lawsuit Summers filed should have been looking at it from that angle. What this is, is a breach of contract, plain and simple.

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