Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: The Power of Duke and LATATA Hangs In the Balance

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You know this all could have been prevented with a condom policy.

So, unless I’m off, isn’t today the day that Clover [pictured] re-tests for Syphilis? Or is that a forgotten issue now that Diane Duke, playing Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, put that issue to bed with her declaration that he had tested negative.

Remember, Clover himself contradicted Duke with a tale of two agencies and an inconceivable story about a half dozen inconclusives. One test bouncing like a rubber check I can see. But six? If it’s found that Clover has tested positive, you realize it’s all over for Diane Duke and Free Speech. The same holds for LATATA.

I thought that Shy Love was gone but apparently not. Love, who threatens lawsuits like Puerto Ricans wield switchblades, is now the spokesman for LATATA, apparently, since Derek Hay lost face with the reveal that one of his boys, Alex Gonz may be HEP C positive. By all accounts, Gonz has been positive since June which is when HEP testing started in the industry.

In a press statement to AVN Love all but called Lisa Ann a liar.

“We find the allegation about an active performer being positive for Hep C to be very serious, but currently we have found no evidence or information to support the claim,” said Shy Love.

[Wasn’t Love also the one who booked Samantha Saint for a gig with a “performer” named Richard Nanula? I’m not real clear on that detail.]

“We are not privy to any test results confirming the alleged positive results,” Love went on to say.

“In regards to Lisa Ann’s assertion, I do have to wonder how she knows the male performer’s Hep C test is positive,” adds Love.

“Is she privy to private medical information? LATATA is not, and as a result, cannot yet confirm or deny the news unless the performer comes forward and voluntarily agrees to provide this information to us to confirm or disprove her allegation.”

Then, again, Lisa Ann was talking from first hand knowledge, but Love is saying in press release language that Lisa Ann’s talking out of her ass.

All things considered, surprising restraint coming from Love since I’ve been on the receiving end of her boiling tirades on many an occasion.

Here’s what I find equally interesting, this other statement in Love’s press release:

“In light of these very public allegations and the concern that will result for many performers as a result, LATATA has reached out to TTS, which has kindly offered to reinstate the complimentary [HEP] testing to all adult talent during the remainder of August.”

I may be wrong with my recollections, but wasn’t TTS the odd man out when Diane Duke began picking her favorites for APHSS. I seem to recall that Duke, aka Manwin, made a big deal about how TTS didn’t fit into the APHSS criteria. But here is Love and LATATA “reaching out” to Sixto Pacheco.

Boy, that’s a slap in the face to Duke.

So how much you wanna bet this Gonz story, too, disappears like a Seigfried and Roy tiger?

If porn doesn’t work out for Diane Duke and LATATA there’s always a magic act and these guys have already shown us they’re masters of misdirection.

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