Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Would JonBenet Ramsey Have Done a Sex Tape?

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An appalling thought you say? We all know the story about this tragic little girl from Boulder, Colorado who was found murdered in the basement of her home on Christmas, 1996.

JonBenet had been struck on the head and strangled. The case has never been solved and probably never will be, but Colorado law enforcement agencies suspected her parents and her brother from the very beginning.

My suspicion all along, having read books and news reports of the investigation, is that it was her mother Patsy Ramsey who later died of cancer, that did it.

JonBenet was paraded around like some glamour freak show at the behest of her mother, a former beauty queen herself, and if you’ve ever seen Patsy Ramsey in interviews, her eyes and body language suggested someone that was not only cold and calculating but capable of turning into Joan Crawford with a coat hanger if her bidding was not carried out. Just an opinion.

The Boulder District DA’s office in July 2008, announced findings that seemed to eliminate the Ramsey family as suspects and cast light on an “unknown male suspect” that was involved.

The Ramseys always held to the story that the crime was committed by an intruder, and a whack job named John Mark Karr threw a monkey wrench into the investigation by claiming he did it, although DNA evidence proved otherwise.

The case was re-opened and it was announced January 27, 2013 that a grand jury found sufficient evidence to indict the parents in 1999 on charges of child abuse resulting in death, but the District Attorney refused to sign the indictment.

Again, in my opinion it was a combination of Patsy Ramsey having done it and the police, intimidated by power, money and threats, that sent that investigation off the rails.

Had JonBenet lived she would have been 23. And judging by the narcissistic life her mother was carving out for her, with inherent rejection just a step away, she’d have been on uppers, bennies and goofballs to get her through it. An ideal prospect for Dr. Drew Pinsky, you might say.

Rob Black has made his case a couple of times that young women like this are ripe for the plucking in Hollywood and are probably weaned and brainwashed into performing sex acts.

Just a view of Black’s arguments on YouTube is enough to think, hmmmmmm, this is not out of the realms of possibility and that JonBenet Ramsey, with the already dysfunctional path her life was taking at a young age, would have been a perfect candidate.


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