Thoughts Over The Morning’s Second Cup of Coffee: A Challenge to Rob Black; Start Weeding Out the Rotten Apples

If you’ve been listening to The Rob Black Show, with any frequency, you know that Mr. Black has declared himself president of porn.

Except for bending the rules of parliamentary and constitutional procedure a bit, I’m okay with that. Black even named me to his cabinet yesterday. I’m okay with that, too.

Black this week issued a five point plan. He’s been discussing a shaking up of the porn system and installing a process that will create jobs, safer health conditions and restoring dignity to the workers. I’m for all of that. Here, here.

Mr. Black, as he often does, issues public challenges on his program. Which I’m going to do right now. Mr. Black and I, and I’m sure you, as well, know exactly what’s wrong with porn. It’s the rotten apples stinking up the barrel.

Take for instance Pay ‘Em Later Nick Steele, aka Nick Pinkowski. Pay ‘Em later Nick never met an invoice he couldn’t duck, or a story he couldn’t tell to worm out of paying a bill. Pay ‘Em Later Nick even moved the Bluebird Films operation out of Los Angeles just to avoid collection agencies.

How he continues to do what he does is one of porn’s great unsolved mysteries. As Black often likes to say, if Nick Steele were operating in the real world he’d be doing time.

Pay ‘Em Later Nick Steele has been at it since 1991. In an eBook which you can find on the Internet, Rev. Robert Billman in Chapter 37 of “From Preacher to Porn” states his case about Steele. Billman says that his daughter Christianna had gone into a partnership with Steele. She had worked for Steele as a makeup artist and set designer.

“Like a lot of people he [Steele] had some good points, Billman writes.

“But they were balanced out by his jerk side. It was a love/hate relationship between the two of them. He loved her and she hated him,” Billman continues.

“He lived with her awhile, they were always fighting. NO one in the family liked him. He was going through a divorce. I guess his wife didn’t like him, either.

“He did have talent as a porn director and made some pretty good pictures. His budgets were three times as much as [Cash Markman’s] were. But, from the time I met him, I got complaints from people that worked for him, that he took forever to pay them.”

Mr. Black, our beloved president, will be the first to tell you he’s no angel and lived life on the installment plan. Only the difference between Mr. Black and Steele is that Mr. Black squared up eventually and even now he talks on the air in full disclosure mode about who he owes, why and how Frank “The Wizard” Koretsky is behind the fact that he’s still owing.

Like Richard Nixon, another misunderstood president, I know Mr. Black is putting together an enemies list. I challenge Mr. Black to find room to include Pay ‘Em Later Nick.

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