Thoughts Over The Morning’s Second Cup of Coffee: Christy Canyon Claims Jim South Bait and Switched Her

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A pattern is beginning to emerge. Christy Canyon this week in making a case for Steve Hirsch and what a swell guy he is, criticized Rob Black in the same breath with this little bit of innuendo. Canyon writes: “Have you ever heard of a preformer [sic] getting to a vivid set and found out the scene wasn’t a boy/girl as promised but a ten man gang bang?”

Ordinarily you’d pass off this remark as a dig, but I dug a little deeper. It seems Christy has issues with a lot of people. In the book The Other Side of Hollywood, Canyon recalls coming into the porn industry.

Canyon states that she was recruited by a Greg Rome from World Modeling. This guy apparently approached her on a street and handed her a business card. Canyon said she thought nothing of it until it became increasingly evident that her bills were mounting and she didn’t have many options. So Canyon signed up with World Modeling. She goes on to say:

“Then one day I arrived at work, and there were video cameras everywhere. I called Jim South to find out what the hell was going on. He said, ‘Darlin,’ I told you it was a video shoot…’

“There was no way I would have ever done it had I known. But he pressured me…I hated it! Everything on the set was dirty. And afterwards I felt really dirty. The scene was with Ron Jeremy. Yuck!”

Sounds like somebody’s got betrayal issues.

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