Thoughts Over The Morning’s Third Cup of Coffee: Asa Akira, So What’s the Story, Richie?

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The last time Rob Black commented about Asa Akira he said Akira, “Looks like the lady at the local chinese restaurant who took my wonton order and her boyfriend’s pissing in my Soup.”

Racially insensitive, but very funny.

While I was away doing my thing last week, it was reported by Zed South that Akira, who shares a green card marriage with director Tony Ribas, was made a Wicked Pictures contract girl.

In some ways that would make sense if you think in terms of Wicked jettisoning the contract of Samantha Saint who’s become a PR liability.

So far, though, the Akira story hasn’t been verified, and if it has been, I apologize for missing it, being away and doing my thing and all that.

Rob Black on his show, talked about it.

“The story of the last couple of days is that Asa Akira was signed by Wicked Pictures to a performing contract,” he said.

“That is old Zed South’s big story which I’m thinking, it makes no sense.”

But if true, Black added, “Steve Orenstein, thank you man. I said the other night Steve Orenstein you save just one person, it’s like saving millions. If you would just save one girl [in the industry] it would be like saving millions.

“You saved Asa Akira. She won’t have to do privates for Spiegler any more and do Victor; she won’t have 17 guys cumming in her face; she won’t have to risk STDs any more.

“She won’t have to marry someone so they can have a green card. Steve Schindler I’m going to get on my hands and knees and thank you, kind of like the Christians do when they’re receiving communion.

“Steve Orenstein, I thank you. The business thanks you. The girls thank you. Steve Schindler you have saved Asa Akira. Asa Akira can thank you that somebody’s not wearing her skin as a coat. She can thank you that Mark Spiegler is not using her skin to make paper airplanes.

“Steve Orenstein, Asa Akira is a Spiegler girl. She started off in this business unknown. She was in the business for two years plugging away doing your normal boy-girl scenes. Then she got with Mark Spiegler and Spiegler said here’s what you got to do.

“Then she decided with the help of Mark Spiegler she would take 78,000 loads, marry people to get their green cards, and be a beard for gay performer Rocco Reed.

“Name it she has been taken through the treachery where it was like to be a Spiegler girl, to months ago where her and Tony Ribas had exclusive directing gigs and were part of Elegant Angel.

“Asa Akira was making gangbang anal creampies, you name it. And now she’s on the verge of signing with an all-condom company that does not do anything that Asa Akira made her name doing.

“In the years when she took 17 loads in her mouth, nobody ever heard of her. Curious – how does a girl who does two years of nothing, then does heinous, vile things, and now we take this hard right turn and now Asa Akira is being signed by a condom company who will not be able to do anything that Asa Akira and Spiegler made her money and business doing?

“She left Elegant Angel where Patrick Collins said she was the greatest talent they ever had. I even said Elegant Angel was held hostage, that Patrick Collins has gone form William H and Graham Travis to Asa Akira.

“She was creating this new revolution at Elegant Angel. Can anyone shed some light on this situation? I’m confused.

“If the report is correct, said Black, “I’ll call my sources and report on that. The only way to make sense of this is, she’s on the train away from Auschwitz and is safe and secure.

“She got the break from Spiegler and didn’t have to go in hiding for six months like Remy LaCroix.

“Remy La Croix, if you’ll recall, was going to be the next big thing and a foregone conclusion to sweeping awards. With the syphilis outbreak, she went on twitter. You read her statements and she vanishes from the business and she was a Spiegler girl.

“Four month later you hear she’s doing small projects in San Francisco booking herself independently. Then months later she’s back and she’s working. and she is on Evil Angel boxcovers.

“The girl who was so distraught about a business that she retired from, came back with a fury. My question would be, was that about the business or Mark Spiegler?

“Were those Tweets about business being horrible and unsafe, or was it Mark Spiegler? For somebody who retired and the fact that you came back and you’re doing what you did before, now you’re not in the hands of the troll Mark Spiegler.

“So is this Asa Akira, hooked up with Wicked and it’s fuck Mark Spiegler? ‘I got my trophies; I made my buttfuck money. Now I’m free. I’ve paid my dues.’

“That’s the only thing I can think of. Other people will ask the same thing- isn’t this weird? Or is this a made up story? It seems kind of bizarre.

“And no one’s asked the LaCroix question. How does she go on Twitter, rants about leaving the business then come back, everything is all good but she’s long far away from Mark Spiegler.

“I’m not real sure about Asa Akira, but I guess we’ll figure out from Zed ‘Ring of Truth’ South if his big revelation of the contract signings are true.

“We weren’t quite sure to make if Asa Akira has now got a contract with Wicked Pictures. I keep saying there is a lot of questions. It doesn’t make any sense but we’ll talk about it.

“I was also told by somebody that how the fuck would Wicked sign Asa Akira. Is it because Steve Orenstein is Oskar Schindler and he’s going to save Asa Akira from the clutches of Spiegler? I was told Zed South’s ring of truth was a ring of shit, but we’ll see what happens.

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