Thoughts Over The Morning’s Third Cup Of Coffee: The Industry Needs to Shut Down…NOW!!!

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We still don’t know the performing status of Clover. He’s telling us one thing. Diane Duke [pictured] is telling us another, but there’s no way for Duke to bullshit her way out of this paper bag.

Gracie Glam’s boyfriend, or former boyfriend, has just tested positive for Hep C. But you got to ask yourself – what is he doing on a shoot? Lisa Ann was scheduled to work with this guy. Doesn’t Derek Hay know the health status of his own people? Doesn’t APHSS? Doesn’t Duke? And isn’t it about time Michael Weinstein stop issuing press releases crediting websites that are in the middle of a cover-up of epic proportions?

I wish I could tell you what was going on, because this business and everyone involved on its periphery is way out of control. But the only logical step to take right now is to stop shooting immediately until this mess is sorted out. And it may never be as long as Diane Duke keeps lying her ass off.

Veronica Avluv last week took exception to the fact that I pointed out that she, as well as about five other women I mentioned along with her worked with Clover. Guess what? We have no idea if Clover is safe to work with or not. Avluv says she worked with Clover back in May. Was he tested for Syphilis back then? Is it possible that he already had it? Before Avluv jumps the gun she better take all those facts into consideration. The simple fact is the male performers she’s working with are not to be trusted.

And now we have Gracie Glam’s boyfriend or ex-boyfriend working with a ton of girls who may have Hep C as well.

A mess? It’s beyond a mess. Then, again, I gave you a heads up on Diane Duke like two years ago. And you didn’t want to listen then. Are you listening now?

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