Tiger Trollop Jamie Jungers Caught in a Big Lie on LA’s John and Ken Show

Believe it or don’t – celebrity whores and porn chicks lie.

from www.radaronline.com – Tiger Woods’ mistress Jamie Jungers was caught in a lie during a radio interview where she was questioned about taking nude photos of the golfer.

Jungers grew furious and began cursing during an interview with John & Ken on KFI 640 in Los Angeles on Monday when she was grilled on the circumstances surrounding her aunt, Susan Minor, telling RadarOnline.com exclusively that Jamie had bragged about taking nude photos of Tiger.

“My aunt? I don’t believe she said that,” Jungers said, before the hosts pointed out that they had watched Minor’s video interview on RadarOnline.com. Jungers grew angry and then called her aunt “kinda crazy.”

But as the hosts pressed her they trapped her in a lie.

“I think you do have naked photos of him,” KFI’s host says late in the interview. “Are you getting a payoff from Woods?”

That’s when Jungers exploded and said: “You know what, I haven’t made a penny from all of this (bleep) and the only reason I’m involved with this is because of an ex fiancĂ©.”

But RadarOnline.com has confirmed exclusively that Jungers has made money from selling the story about her affair with Tiger. And in fact, even though her ex-fiance first came out and told the story, Jungers had already hooked up with several people who were offering her story for sale — with her permission — to various media outlets.

She has also been paid since the story broke and continues to shop her story for profit.

The lie over not being paid, while denying the nude photo claims, comes as THREE family members revealed to RadarOnline.com that Jungers told them she took nude photos of Tiger after he passed out when they had sex. Junger’s aunt Susan Minor, her husband Todd and a cousin all told RadarOnline.com that Jungers bragged for years about having nude photos of Woods.

Susan Minor has even challenged Jungers to a polygraph test to prove her claims.

Nude photos of Tiger Woods would be worth a fortune to various adult entertainment companies and the golfer’s lawyers are so concerned they’ve already obtained a court order in England barring publication of any such photos.

And yes, like other mistresses who have made deals, Jungers does have a lawyer. That came out toward the end of the KFI interview when she grew angry.

Earlier in the interview Jungers said on air that she was limited by her PUBLICIST in what she could reveal about Tiger. But when things started getting heated toward the end of the interview, she said, “And my personal business with Tiger is our business and it wasn’t supposed to be brought out and the only reason it was..”

The host interrupts her and notes: “You have a publicist. Now wait a second. It’s private business but you have a publicist?”

Jungers then threatened them with her lawyer before hanging up.

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