Tuesday night: Mallory Rae Murphy on Unvanilla LA Talk Radio

UNVANILLA, LA Talk Radio’s newest hit show, continues to live up to its title with a special appearance by L.A. Direct Models’ newest sensation, Mallory Rae Murphy.

The show, covers all aspects of “wine, women and song,” and a lot more — basically anything that is “not vanilla.” Porn stars, inked celebrities, alternative film makers, cheating athletes, sword swallowers, bisexual circus clowns, dominatrixes, nymphomaniac contortionists, madams, pimps and hos will all be guests on this uncensored, edgy, envelope-pushing show. And Mallory Rae Murphy is a perfect “Unvanilla” guest! After all, she is the super hot 18 year-old who lost her virginity on video.

Hosts Harley Fire and Baadmaster will devote the whole show to this totally unique performer, who is always willing to push the envelope in the adult entertainment world. Callers will be able to speak to Mallory, and some lucky caller will win a free Unvanilla T-Shirt, courtesy of Unvanilla.com.

So join in the fun this Tuesday, 7-8 PST, on LATALKRADIO.COM!

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