Update: Linda Lovelace Script Draws from Eric Danville’s Bio

from www.firstshowing.net- With their Allen Ginsberg biopic Howl premiering at the Sundance Film Festival this week, Oscar winner Rob Epstein and co-director Jeffrey Friedman have just landed their second job as Variety reports the duo have signed on to direct Lovelace, a biopic chronicling Linda Boreman’s rise to fame as iconic porn star Linda Lovelace, star of the infamous 1972 porno film Deep Throat, www.xxxdeepthroat.com to her sudden turn as a feminist and anti-porn activist. The story is told from the point-of-view of three interviewers at various stages of her life. I’d really like to know what turns one of the biggest sluts in the world into an anti-porn activist? Magic?

Written by by W. Merritt Johnson (HBO’s “In Treatment”), the script draws from Eric Danville’s bio The Complete Linda Lovelace. But this isn’t the first time Lovelace’s story has been highlighted outside of the adult entertainment world. In 2005, Lovelace was the subject of the cleverly titled documentary Inside Deep Throat which also chronicled the making of what turned out to arguably be the most profitable film of all time and the first mainstream porno.

Epstein says, “Linda is this fascinating character who continually reinvented herself and her story based on changing circumstances. It’s a story with great dramatic and psychological dimensions.” I guess you’ve got to have quite the expansive psychological dimensions to put yourself in provocative positions and then end up condemning them later. This hould be quite an in depth biopic. It looks like Epstein and Friedman love tackling edgy topics and it’s great to see that happening these days. Until we hear more about Lovelace, stay tuned for early reactions from Alex and Brandon at Sundance regarding Epstein and Friedman’s Howl.

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