Update: The Mr. Marcus Timeline

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I will continually adjust this timeline for new or changing information:

May, 2012: performer Chastity Lynn calls out Marcus on set for having open sores and refuses to work with him

6/12/12: TTS begins testing for syphilis as part of its basic panel of tests

6/15/12: Marcus learns that he’s lost a contract with a male enhancement product and returns to work

6/27/12: Photos reveal that Marcus in Stage 2 of Syphilis works with Lylith Lavey on a Bang Bros. shoot

7/11/12: Marcus, feeling sick goes to his personal physician

7/12/12: Marcus learns that he’s tested positive for Syphilis

7/13/12: He’s given a penicillin shot and told to abstain from sex from 7 to 10 days

7/21/12: Marcus goes for his monthly check up to TTS services

7/23/12: He gets the results back; he shows reactive for Syphilis; Marcus cancels a shoot that he had scheduled; Marcus says he was dismayed that there was no doctor at TTS to talk to and was upset that he was not offered any aftercare or asked about his recent sexual history in order to properly notify performers until his final visit to the Northridge, Calif. facility.

7/24/12: Marcus returns to work and shoots a scene; according to Marcus, the producer of that particular shoot only asked to see “proof” of a test, rather than a full paper/digital copy. Taking advantage of the situation, Mr. Marcus says he showed the producer a copy of the results on his cell phone, but admits to hiding the part that showed that he tested positive for syphilis. Marcus later says he does not believe working on July 24, 11 days after treatment, was a mistake.

8/1/12 to 8/7/12: He returns to TTS and is told his “numbers are still there”; Marcus alleges that a TTS clinician told him that the part of his test that shows “reactive or non-reactive” for syphilis could be removed from his test “because it’s always going to be there.”

8/7/12: Marcus produces altered test results and works for Blazing Bucks with talent from L.A. Direct; On the TTS test dated July 21, Marcus folded the test in such a way that the syphilis portion was obscured, photocopied it, and presented it to the Blazing Bucks director

8/8/12: Between July 24th and August 8th Marcus works a total of three times

8/8/12: Attorney Michael Fattorosi begins tweeting that syphilis outbreak in Europe is landing in the US

8/8/12: AVN receives a tip from a “reliable source” with knowledge of adult video production in Europe. The source tells AVN there is currently an outbreak of syphilis in Budapest. AVN corroborates the tip with Sandy’s Models and Brill Babes, two of the biggest modeling agencies in the Hungarian capital. The infection is widespread enough that all production has been put on hold in Budapest until Aug. 21. The number of infections is put at 14 females and 4 males.

“There is some serious situation here in Budapest,” Cameron of Sandy’s Models told AVN. “Yesterday the Labor [department] sent a warning e-mail that they found that syphillis-infected people’s number dramatically increased.”

8/15/12: Mark Blazing from Blazing Bucks catches the discrepancies; Blazing calls Marcus telling him “‘This test doesn’t look right. Do you have another version of it?’ Marcus replies, “Well, I do.’ Blazing says, “Marcus I need another test from you. Can you give me another test? This is not right. I gotta let somebody know that you altered this test. It looks altered. It doesn’t look right. I’m gonna get Derek [Hay] on the phone.” Derek Hay confronts Marcus with the evidence.

8/16/12: XBiz reports that a male talent worked three times with an altered test; it turns out to be Marcus; the Blazing Bucks episode is reported; Derek Hay and Shy Love furnish details. Marcus is removed from Shy Love’s talent roster.

8/18/12: A worker genealogy is initiated by APHSS

8/22/12 Marcus gives a press conference in which he makes allegations that a TTS employee helped him change results

8/22/12: Sixto Pacheco vehemently denies any of his employees had a hand in changing Marcus’ tests

8/22/12: Dr. Jonathan Fielding, director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, reports there are five cases of syphilis and that the number will grow.

8/22/12: Joanne Cachapero from Free Speech announces on the Inside the Industry Show that there’s only two syphilis cases that APHSS is aware of.

8/23/12: Mark Blazing from Blazing Bucks issues a statement; OverBoard Video, the production arm for BlazingBucks stops all production

8/23/12: TTS further elaborates on the allegations made by Marcus

8/27/12: Mr. Marcus interviews with The Daily Beast telling them he began having Stage 2 symptoms.

He also tells them he has no clue how he was infected: “You look over your partners. It’s a mystery game. It’s really hard especially for me, a performer in the adult industry for 18 years, I mean, you have a lot of partners. Some of these girls, they come and they go. They don’t necessarily stick around. You may work with them once, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to work with them again. At some point, it became pointless. I know we are trying to now to find out who’s who and what’s what. But I can’t go backwards.”

8/27/12: Lylith Lavey assures her followers on Twitter that she had tested negative for STIs twice since that 6/27/12 scene with Marcus and she also has been taking “precautionary meds.”

8/28/12: Mr. Marcus interviews with SF Weekly; In hindsight he says he needed the money and performed but now absolves TTS of any complicity: “It was all me, no one else helped.”

8/28/12: Marcus tells XBiz his remarks to SF Weekly were taken out of context and that the interview was biased and that he was mis-quoted.

8/29/12: APHHS announces that nearly 300 porn performers have been tested and treated for syphilis. These include performers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale, FL and other locations nationwide, says APHSS.


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