Valkyria Studios Wants You to “Audition”

Kelly Moon writes: Hi Gene,

I seem to remember you had an article a few months ago about an agency that made potential models do a video audition where they had to fuck some random guy. [Gene sez: Moon’s referring to a story about some “talent agency,” pulling that scam but I think Regan Senter’s still getting away with that as well.]

I was just checking out GFY, and found a thread started by a Valkyria Studios: I don’t know how legit they are, but I clicked the “Contact Us” button and discovered that they only have a gmail email address, which is always a sign of amateurs at work, at best.

Anyhow, I went to their models page here: and found this:

How long will the video shoot last?

It ranges from person to person. Auditions can last up to two hours, while typically an actual video shoot may last about an hour once the filming begins. However, due to individual differences in sexual performance, it may vary significantly from person to person.

How does the audition work? What is required of me to do?

The audition varies significantly from person to person. For some people, performing sexually in front of a stranger or an audience tends to be more difficult than it would seem. Therein exists one of the most major benefits of our service to the web companies who are using us– they get to see how you perform!

So, yes, you will need to perform during your audition. Yes, this means masturbating and working up to a sexual climax. Don’t sweat it though, our videographers are always there to assist you with anything that you need.

This IS necessary for you to stand out to talent seekers! That’s because we extract a few photos from the shoot that contains mostly shots of just you; and then we have an area for action video shoot auditions where they will be able to view you at work. We will also take a few extra photos of you alone before, during, and after your video audition.

These paragraphs suggest that one of their “auditions” can last “up to two hours” and entails “masturbating and working up to a sexual climax”. Two hours? That’s an awful lot of masturbating. I’m wondering if maybe they pass the two hours doing more than just diddling. And correct me if I’m wrong, but none of the established LA agencies, World Modeling, Type 9, LA Direct, etc., require any sort of audition. Sure, they’ll want to see the girl naked, and to shoot some photos of her, but there’s no free hanky-panky… right?

I’m guessing these losers are working the same con as the losers you outed before: scamming sex from naive young girls . I guess they just can’t afford to pay for it.

Belated happy new year!

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