VCX Celebrates Naughty November Releasing New Cal Vista Classics

Las Vegas, NV — VCX enjoys a naughty November saturated in sex with the release of darkly erotic Cal Vista Classics: Connie & Floyd, The Arrangement, Gina The Foxy Chick and Find Your Love.

Sexual controversy and hardcore debauchery dominate these erotic films. Everyone’s heard of Bonnie & Clyde now meet Connie & Floyd, a depraved couple as horny as they are corrupt.

Gina The Foxy Chick must sell her body–supporting her deadbeat boyfriend, yet finds her rough pimp and new lifestyle more to her liking.

Find Your Love…in all the wrong places; it’s a hunt for the most blatant non-stop eroticism. The Arrangement, a film so controversial it can never be made today, toys with the twisted sex triangle between father, daughter and her best friend. VCX delivers the naughtiest November releasing darkly seductive Cal Vista Classics from their vault, available November 16th, to place an order contact [email protected]

“Some very taboo topics dominate these new-to-DVD Cal Vista Classics, especially in The Arrangement and Connie & Floyd. These are classics that break down barriers offering eroticism unlike anything that is made today. They’re sexually charged and offer porn unlike anything else,” says VCX C.E.O., David Sutton.

New-to-DVD Cal Vista Classics:

Connie & Floyd: This is the kind of unique classic that modern film makers do not dare create—they rob banks, they kill folks, they drink moonshine then fuck all day and night! Connie & Floyd will invade your mind and pull you into its world of crime, moonshine and sex. Starring: Sandy Dempsey, Genevieve Bouvier and Serg Bonghart.

Gina The Foxy Chick: Gina has a thing for rotten men, in fact her boyfriend’s major gambling problem has put a price on his head and forced her to the streets selling her body to the lowest bidder. Don’t think her an innocent victim…she loves cock and now she just may love her domineering pimp. Starring: Sandra Stevens, Kim Wong, Arita Wilson, Cindy White, Becky Walker, Sal St. James and B.J. Boggs.

Find Your Love: Here’s a chance to Find Your Love…in all the wrong places! Fabulous Rachel Ryan and an all-star cast of adult’s hottest and nastiest performers are going to take you on a search for the wildest, most arousing and stimulating ways to enjoy your body and theirs! Staring: Rachel Ryan, Brandy Wine, Brook Summer, Valentina, Amadeus Dee, Billy Dee, Buddy Love, Randy West and Ray Victory.

The Arrangement: As taboo as they come, “The Arrangement” between friends is the ultimate in seduction. A dark and twisted erotic story of two beautiful blondes that look like identical twins and love to be bad. One of the girl’s fathers becomes the target of their seductive game. Did his daughter’s best friend seduce him or was it really his daughter? Starring: Marilyn Jess, Jean-Pierre, Ann Hoover, Jane Baker, Chris Kennedy and Randy Damon.

Titles include: photo gallery, classic bonus scenes, and vintage trailers.

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