Wally Wharton Doing PR for Sinister X Syndicate

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Amidst Gulf Stream hurricanes, earthquakes, Carmegeddon and a REALLY boring presidential election, writer-actress-talk-show personality Wally Wharton has gleefully accepted the challenge to become The go-to PR bitch for the Sinister X Syndicate at Extreme Entertainment X.

Ms. Wharton brings with her many years of experience writing for various adult entertainment publications. In recent years her articles have been featured in local Los Angeles newspapers and she has also managed to distinguish herself in the capricious world of talk radio, co-hosting with porn personality Toby Dammit for L.A. talk radio’s milestone venue, “It’s Just Porn, Dammit!”

Wally Wharton thus prevails with her literati illuminati AND her tacky wardrobe intact, thanks to the good people at Extreme Entertainment Network.Com.

Wally Wharton may be reached at [email protected] for further unnecessary, albeit amusing, commentary and prattle.

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