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Sean writes: In a presser put out this week it mentions that on Saturday, October 20th XxxFastPass Contract girl Alexis Amore will be hosting a party at The Colony nightclub, to celebrate the launch of her new website

My question is: how new is new? Two months ago another presser mentioned the official launch of this site as well. After reviewing it I think a third launch might be in order.

The content meets industry standards with advertised fetish and candid shots tossed in for good measure. The sample pics and videos are top notch but even that can’t save this site.

For all its cookie cutter design and flashing bells and whistles, Alexis’ little corner of the internet lacks substance by not giving fans what they demand today: more personal contact. Advertised as having only one web cam show a month and no mention of a blog diminish the fan experience. Content updates, no matter how frequent they are advertised to be, just don’t cut it anymore.

Alexis also has no biography page and her little hunk of Internet real estate in general comes across as very impersonal. It’s okay for fans just looking for content, but for those looking for some sort of a personal touch from Alexis, they will be sadly disappointed.

The membership fee is $29.95 a month.

The Alexa ranking for this site as of 10/18/2012 is 209,632 [US].

Sean’s Grade for is a D+.

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