Weiner Files – Marcus Jordan, Michael Jordan’s Son, Apparently Tweets Picture Of His Penis; Claims Pic’s Not His

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from www.huffingtonpost.com – What is it with men taking pictures of their penises and posting them to Twitter?

In the second such scandal to emerge in the past week, it appears that Michael Jordan’s son Marcus Jordan accidentally tweeted a picture of his genitals to his 50,00-plus followers on Saturday night. The tweet, which was quickly deleted, was sent to Deadspin by a tipster, according to the sports site.

The younger Jordan is already something of a Twitter scandal veteran, however. The former University of Central Florida basketball player has previously gotten into trouble for appearing to solicit a porn star via Twitter. He has also used his social media account to brag about dropping close to $50,000 in one day in Las Vegas.

On Sunday, Jordan used his rather checkered Twitter past to argue the picture wasn’t his.

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