What Have We Learned From The AB 1576 Fiasco? That The Regime In Charge Needs To Go

When I talk about all of the issues facing the industry, from condoms and health to prostitution and agents to people like Diane Duke and Free Speech Coalition, some people have asked if I’m against the industry or am for the destruction of the business. I say absolutely not.

I am for the destruction of the powers who are continuously destroying the business. If we got rid of the Diane Dukes, the Derek Hays, the Mark Spieglers, the John Staglianos and Free Speech Coalition the industry would be a lot better off and would be able to function as a legitimate business instead of an outlaw regime. If we had a new regime, we would be able to have sensible ideas to present to legislators, health regulators and AIDS Healthcare Foundation, who have been up our asses for years. That is what I am for.

I am for a new government. A regime change.

Listen, do I like having sex with a rubber? Absolutely not. I don’t think anyone would say that they prefer that. But the alternative of not catching a disease negates any loss of pleasure from wearing a rubber. I’m not talking about just HIV. Our industry always seems to focus on HIV. But what about all the other sexually transmitted diseases? Our guideline of safety is HIV. To say that any other disease is OK as long as it’s not HIV is a pretty shitty standard.

There was an article recently on AVN.com that brought up West Oaks Urgent Care as not being a credible source for statistics in a report to the CDC by AIDS Healthcare Foundation because it wasn’t part of the PASS system and was a place where performers go to get treated for STDs. We discussed this article. www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=60408 The question would be where are they getting these sexually transmitted diseases from? If the industry wants to tout its safety record then this is not a very good way to do it. How is it that a clinic is full of adult performers with sexually transmitted diseases? We say, “Well. it’s not AIDS.” If that’s the concept, it’s pretty fucked because in the real world they don’t want any sexually transmitted disease. Most guys don’t want to wake up and go to the bathroom and see yellow pus coming out of their dicks. Most girls don’t want to go to the doctor about the creamy ooze seeping out of their vaginas because they have gonorrhea. But that’s the real world.

Our business should not have an acceptable level of disease. Eli Cross even said in the article he wrote for Casey Calvert that if the disease is serious enough, the industry has a moratorium and production is shut down. So basically as long as it’s not HIV, it’s business as usual.

People like Eli Cross and Ernest Greene are part of the regime that needs to go. Ernest Greene is an intelligent man who writes blogs that seem very rational, but they’re not. People don’t remember, but he and Nina Hartley used to be pro condom. Now they’re being paid by the people to argue for the other side. But the logical people who have been around for a while know his history. People like Alex Chance don’t know, because they haven’t been in the business long enough, so they buy his bullshit. Eli Cross is a man who bites the hand that feeds him. He argues against condoms while taking money from condom mandatory companies. www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=60419 But that’s Eli Cross. At the end of the day, he’s part of the regime that needs to go. He and Ernest Green are part of the group of people who are the voice of the industry. Not the logical people like Jessica Drake, Brad Armstrong, Steve Orenstein and Axel Braun. Not them. Eli and Ernest are part of the lunatic fringe, like the Tea Party. They’re Teabaggers.

Another bullshit lie is that no one ever gets a disease on set. When Michael Weinstein says that disease is rampant in the business and the regime says that it’s not, why should we believe the regime? Why is the regime right and AHF is wrong? The logic that the regime has is crazy, right down to them saying that the West Oaks Urgent Care numbers are higher because that’s where performers get treated for disease and then saying the industry testing system is safe. If it’s safe, why is everybody going to West Oaks to get treated? But as long as it’s not AIDS, it’s cool. Every other disease is fine to have as long as it’s not AIDS.

Me? If I were a performer, I wouldn’t wanna get any disease. I would either A. wear a rubber even though I don’t like them B. take the risk because I don’t care about myself or others or C. take the necessary precautions to minimize that risk. People say, “Well that’s what we do when we test.” No, that’s not minimizing the risk. There is a lot more that can be done. but it would cost producers and agents money. To make this industry safe and not use condoms and propose a plan that would have made people in the Assembly get on board with us you would have had to talk union. You would have had to talk about getting rid of all the clinics and had a centralized testing system that wasn’t aligned with people in the business with a profit motive. You would have had a testing regimen that was universal. Right now, there are producers that require a 7 day test, some that require a 14 day test and others that require only 30 days. You have agents that send girls out on escort gigs. All of these things factor into not keeping everybody safe. You have too many people with their hands in too many different pies with too many different allegiances.

If you went to legislators and health regulators and showed them a universal system where all of the talent were under one set of guidelines and a there were rules in place to protect them under the umbrella of one organization, you would have gotten them to be on board. When they asked why we didn’t use condoms, we could’ve showed them why they were unnecessary because of the stringent guidelines that were set in place. But we could never get everybody to agree on these guidelines. We never could get producers to agree to pay for testing. Axel Braun does, but he’s the only one.

If we had gotten together and agreed on a realistic universal health protocol, we wouldn’t be having this condom debate. We would be shooting without condoms because we would have proper procedures in place. Can you imagine if we had a system in place that actually looked after performers who were unfortunate enough to contract a disease? Instead of shunning them and trying to say they caught it elsewhere and therefore it’s not the industry’s problem, can you imagine if we actually cared for them? We could’ve shown the world that we take care of our own. If we showed that we were organized and responsible, politicians would have left us alone. They would’ve told Michael Weinstein to go fuck himself. They would have seen an industry with its own union, its own healthcare plan. An industry that did everything it could to minimize the risk and when something happened it took care of those affected.

But we don’t do any of that. Instead, we spout off the same shit and nobody understands that has been our problem from day one.You all know that we shouldn’t have all these different agents. You won’t get on board with that because you all have your little friendships and alliances with Spiegler and Derek Hay. Let’s face it, these aren’t businessmen. Derek Hay got into the agent business on the arm of Hannah Harper. He started as talent and he saw an opportunity to be a pimp. Look at Mark Spiegler. He got into the business as Dick Nasty’s benefactor to make low budget porn. He got girls from Russia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Remember you’re talking about pimps, not real businessmen. Tee Reel? Wasn’t Tee Reel Tori Black’s boyfriend?

We always had one testing facility. Regardless of what shit people wanna talk about Sharon Mitchell, when she was running the show there were a lot less problems. Listen, diseases in porn have been around a lot longer than the past 4 or 5 years, but the genie was in the bottle. Christ, Michael Weinstein actually worked with Sharon Mitchell. That should tell you something. What would it have took to pony up a little dough and donate it to AIDS Healthcare Foundation? To make a deal with Weinstein, whether it was testing or anything to keep them on our sides and in their good graces.

Any industry has risks. People say that the adult industry gets unfairly targeted for harassment. Bullshit. UFC used to be banned in every state. Senator John McCain used to call it “human cockfighting.” It was unregulated and had a no holds barred attitude. Then people came in a brought it in line with other sports like boxing and wrestling and it became a legitimate business entity. How did that happen? They’re still doing the same thing.

Our industry needed to organize and regulate itself. When we say we self regulate and do a great job, we don’t. Just the fact that we have a clinic like West Oaks Urgent Care with such a large turnover of talent with STDs. Rather AB 1576 goes through or not, Michael Weinstein will have OSHA and other regulators up our asses. It’s too late. We are fucked.

Unless somebody like Steve Orenstein or Axel Braun steps up and says, “Here is a new organization. Here are some new guidelines and protocols. All the old regime is gone. Give us a chance to show you we can work with the state and come up with realistic solutions.” Outside of that, we are done.

When Mark Kernes writes articles like he did after the AB 1576 Senate vote and says that what was said were lies, they really aren’t. If they were, I would be more than happy to say they were. But they’re not. The regime who is charge of the industry now is lying. They’re not even close to telling the truth.

Every time there is one of these HIV outbreaks there is a quarantine list with 20-30 people on it. That means 20 to 30 people have been exposed to HIV. How does nobody take that into account? Out of all the HIV cases last year, Cameron Bay, Rod Daily, Sofia Delgado, who the industry pretended didn’t happen. She came out and testified at the hearing. TJ Cummings. All of these cases had people on quarantine lists. If you add up all the first and second generation exposures you probably have 50-60 people. Nobody mentions this. The regime just says that the people who acquired HIV got it outside the business. OK. Well, they brought it into the business and they exposed people to it. Isn’t that dangerous? Doesn’t that say something? The regime says, “Yes, it means the testing system works because they virus wasn’t spread. We are safe.” Bullshit. It just means those 50-60 people exposed were lucky not to catch it.

The regime says that all of the HIV cases were acquired outside the business. OK. But did they work with HIV and were people exposed to it? Simple fucking question. You have to answer yes. Because in all of these cases there were quarantine lists. Whether or not they caught HIV on set or not is just semantics for lawsuits. That’s all it is. It says these people didn’t catch HIV on our sets. It says nothing about our safety. All it says is this company is not liable. Kink.com is not responsible for Cameron Bay getting HIV.

When someone dodges a bullet and doesn’t get HIV, that doesn’t mean that there is no transmission. It just means they got lucky. Take your on-set transmission mantra and wipe your ass with it. All the people who were exposed. What was the preventative measure that kept them from getting HIV? It’s called luck.

I have to address another couple of items in the Kernes article. Diane Duke stated:

“A $30 million company from the Valley moved out of state earlier this year, and is happily working in Las Vegas, where they have welcomed us with open arms. They want the jobs, they want the ancillary jobs that come with this industry.”

Who is the $30 million dollar company? Why won’t you say who it is? You’re lucky a member of the committee didn’t jump up and demand the answer. Is it Lee Roy Myers? Is it Derek Hay and LA Direct? PUBA? Who is the company? You won’t say it because it’s a lie. If there is a $30 million dollar company who was welcomed with open arms then why are we having this debate? Why hasn’t every company pulled up stakes and moved already? A $30 million dollar company is doing over 2 million dollars a month. There’s not enough business to make that possible. I think we have a right to know who this $30 million dollar company is.

Another lie Kernes told is that Mr. Marcus exposed performers but did not infect them. This is absolute bullshit and Kernes knows it. I have posted paperwork from Dr. Miao from Cutting Edge Testing that shows this to be a lie. Everybody knows that Mr. Marcus infected people. Mark Kernes you know this. When I read this I wanted to call you up and scream at you for posting such a bold faced lie. Mr. Marcus infected talent with syphilis and you fucking know it.

Here’s another lie:

“After the testimony by Hall, Martin and Bay, nine people registered their support for the bill, including one Sofia Delgado, who said she was HIV-positive and also implied that she had contracted it on a set—even though she has appeared in a grand total of two adult movies, both all-girl, and two solo scenes for SexuallyBroken.com”

Mark Kernes, where the fuck are you getting your information from? Sofia Delgado had been in the business for a lot longer than two movies, dummy. A simple search on Google will verify this. Sofia Delgado was in the business for a while and did several scenes, including boy-girl scenes. Who is feeding you your information, you lying fuck?

And if I have to hear this condom chafing bullshit one more time I’m gonna stab myself in the eyes. If condoms chafe pussies, why is Jessica Drake or the girls who work for Wicked not talking about it? Why do you dismiss them? If you discredit Wicked and the fact that they make movies that outsell non condom movies, it throws the entire mantra of this regime right out the window.

This regime has done so much to destroy this business. It used to not be this way. None of these people were in control of the business. Derek Hay wasn’t in control of the business, neither was Spiegler. I used to throw Mark Spiegler out of my building. Mark Spiegler was a joke. When he used to walk around with Dick Nasty people laughed at him. All of these people were nothing. Eli Cross was a reviewer for AVN. He reviewed porn under the name Mark Logan. The great Eli Cross was basically Peter Warren. You could bribe him with a sandwich for a good review. All of these motherfuckers were nothing. They no influence in this business, they had no say in this business. Guess what? This business ran pretty fucking good back then and people made pretty fucking good money.

When all of these people came into power is when it turned to shit. Mark my words, if you eliminated all of these people from their power positions and you put real people in charge, you would see this industry improve overnight. You flush all this garbage out of the business and you reform this industry with new people and new ideas, you will see a resurgence like you’ve never seen before.

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