Why Did Briana Banks Leave Society 15?

When Briana Banks announced her comeback via social media, she got 100s of job offers. Society 15 then picked her up for representation, this only lasted 2-3 months before Briana left for OC Modeling. There are rumors about Kendra Lust threatening her clients with physical violence.

So the big question is, why did Briana Banks leave Society 15 after being there for such a short time? A follow up question would be, why did she not return to ATMLA and why hasn’t publicly followed and conversed with Shy Love, her former boss?

Is Shy Love maybe not as beloved by people in the industry like she might have you believe?


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  1. I heard they have serious booking problems at s15. Nobody answers the fucking phone. They don’t return phone calls. Fuck up on confirmations. So why would Briana Banks stay at S15 when they obviously couldn’t get her any work.

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