Will India Summer Score Big at the AVN’s? Roger T. Pipe Gives His Picks to Click

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Adult movie reviewer Roger T. Pipe was a guest on James Bartholet’s Internet show this past week.

Pipe, who’s been operating the site www.rogreviews.com since 1998, is a member of the AVN voting body. So Bartholet asked him his opinion on the feature and porn parody categories in this year’s AVN voting.

“In recent years the adult feature has been resurrected by the popularity of parodies,” states Pipe.

“For awhile features almost went away. The gonzo world and the ready-for-web episodes took away what we saw in the ‘90s and early 2000’s. But the popularity of parodies seems to be bringing it back a bit.

“For example, AVN has a category called Best Drama. And there are some really excellent movies on that list. Some great scripts, some great cinematography and really impressive acting.

“I don’t think we’ve seen such a strong collection in a really long time. I think part of that is, with the popularity of parodies, a lot of porn performers are at least having to learn how to do some dialogue. I think that’s improving the acting a little bit.”

To which Bartholet thinks he came into the business at a good time.

“That’s when the parodies were starting to kick off again,” said Bartholet.

“And a lot of people have asked me to teach acting classes, and I do those acting workshops. There’s a lot of performers in the industry who take that class. And now they’re getting nominations for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting- that’s because they’re getting serious about their acting.”

On the positive side, Bartholet also noted that production companies are doing a better job of getting scripts to the performers a lot sooner.

“Coming from mainstream I like it when we can run all the way through the scene, you have your rehearsal, then you do your blocking and we shoot the things. But some of these performers don’t have their lines down and we have to stop and go line by line. That’s frustrating.”

Pipe said there were a number of nominees in the new Best Drama Category worth noting.

“Wasteland from Elegant Angel- both Lily Carter and Lily LaBeau do amazing acting jobs in that one,” Pipe observed.

“Voracious, the first season from Evil Angel was a really good and really erotic movie.”

Pipe also likes Torn from New Sensations in the Best Romance category.

“Remy LaCroix and India Summer [pictured] were amazing along with Steven St. Croix.”

Pipe notes that, lately, the Best Actor and Best Actress categories have been dominated by porn parodies.

“Because those have been the best features made in our industry for the past several years. It’s kind of nice to see some non-parody performances.”

On the Best Actress list, Pipe again acknowledged India Summer for her work in The Graduate XXX. “She was fantastic.”

According to Pipe, Natasha Nice’s work in Love is a Dangerous Games is also worthy of consideration.

“This is a really good solid performance from a performer who isn’t always given a lot of dialogue. It’s nice to see someone do that.”

“Allie Haze was really fun in Star Wars XXX,” Pipe adds.

“But if I were voting, and I do vote, India Summer is totally voracious in the Graduate XXX, and Remy LaCroix in Torn were my favorite performances of the year for the women.

“For the guys it was a little tougher,” Pipe continued.

“Evan Stone in the Mork and Mindy Parody was almost too good. He was really, really on as Robin Williams. But Tommy Pistol was also on in the Pee Wee’s Big Adventure parody.”

Pipe says where it gets tricky is in the voting especially with 15 nominations.

“I don’t get to pick one [winner]. I have to pick who’s first, who’s second all the way down to fifteenth. Each voted is weighed by different points so you have to take it seriously. Putting someone ninth instead of fourth makes a difference.”

Pipe said while he would like to say Tommy Pistol’s is his favorite performance of the year, anyone who missed Pistol’s acting turn in Taxi Driver last year might agree that Pistol was so good in that, that he could never be that good again.

“I’m not sure anyone can. It was one of the Best Performances.”

Pipe said his dark horse pick male performance was Steven St. Croix in Torn [from New Sensations].

Confusing matters, as if they needed to be, AVN has now split categories between Best Comedy and Best Comedy Parody.

In the Best Parody Comedy category, Pipe says he really liked Animal House.

“And I actually liked the Godfather parody,” he adds. “It was a tough script to write, and I like the way they did that one.”

Noting that Bartholet was in The Three Stooges parody, Pipe said, “At the risk of sounding like I’m pandering. I think you guys did the best job out of making something funny and sexy from source material that’s not sexy at all.

“I don’t think there’s fantasies that people had over the years about The Three Stooges. It’s not The Brady Bunch or The Dukes of Hazard with built in sex appeal. Or even Star Wars. The Three Stooges is tough to do.”

Asked what he thought of the Men in Black parody, Pipe said he liked it a lot.

“I think Misty Stone is incredibly sexy if you can get over the fact she starts the movie as a guy. It’s a little weird and fun and makes for a great sex scene but again you’re taking source material that’s not necessarily sexy and you’re making it a good parody; I think it’s impressive.”

Pipe notes that had Bartholet had a full blown sex scene in The Three Stooges parody he’d have been nominated for Best Actor.

“Here’s the funny thing,” said Bartholet.

“XBiz has nominated me for Best Actor for Three Stooges because for 30 seconds I’m eating out Cassandra Cruz.”

Bartholet said Jeff Mullen told him it was probably a good idea that he wasn’t going to have sex in the Wizard of Oz parody. Bartholet takes on the role of the Cowardly Lion.

“I go how the fuck could I with this costume?” says Bartholet.

“I’m going to have to wear this big lion costume that’s going to cost them over a $1,000, and there’s no trap door. For me to go to the bathroom it’s going to take two assistants to take the whole outfit off from me to go to the rest room. Or they’re going to have to stick a tube up there.”

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