Williamsburg Sex Shop Making Replicas of Customers’ Penises

Brooklyn – from www.asylum.com – Just because creating a penis mold sounds like something that happens in the back room of a lap dance parlor doesn’t mean it isn’t also the first step in making a Valentine’s Day gift that will blow your girlfriend’s mind. If you’re big in the pants, that is.

A new sex shop has opened in Williamsburg, and it’s predictably artsy-fartsy, with locally made goods, employees wearing crocheted ponchos and weekly sex classes. You can also get an exact silicone replica of your wang made. That’s right — your penis in dildo form. Employees at the store can cast a mold of your business and make it into something useful for creeping out an ex-girlfriend, angering a nemesis, or genuinely confusing those neighbors of yours you don’t like.

Shag, as it’s appropriately named, takes appointments for castings, if Valentine’s Day rolls around and you really don’t know what else to do.

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