With a Site Re-Launch, Alia Janine Rips Her Former Webmaster and Publicist

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Alia Janine writes on www.aliajanine.com – As some of you have seen already, I have a new website! Although I was a giant fan of my wordpress.com site it was about time I upgraded to a grownup site.

lol I was, after all, getting well over 1000 hits a day, and my viewers kept growing! Then this past month, my 1000+ views a day dropped to 300-400, and my site was nowhere to found in search engines.

Well, at least not on the main page. When I searched under “blogs” it was ranked number 1, which told me that Google and the other search engines didn’t blacklist my site, something else was going on. That is when I found that someone hacked into my site and put a robots.txt URL block on my site.

Basically, it is a robot that blocks search engine spiders from crawling my site, resulting in my site not being found. So, when people would search my name in Google, Bing, Yahoo or whatever my site would not show up. I get “Google’d” about 90.5K times a month so when my own website did not show up when people looked for me, I had to do some digging.

Im sure everyone is wondering who would do such a malicious thing and why. When you have an email from a spiteful former webmaster saying he will make sure your site never shows up in search engines, and a former publicist that cannot stand the fact there’s a blog exposing her for being a horrible publicist and an evil person is linked to her site, buddy up regardless of their extreme mutual hate for one another, the list of “who” and “why” is pretty narrow.

Of course, either of them could have done the job solo, or neither of them could have done it. It could have been some random hacker just fucking shit up, or even someone from the AHF because they know I speak the truth about Measure B!

With my new super charged website I have this incredible plugin called “WordFence.” What Wordfence did was find that this IP address, tried to login into my site over 100 in less than 24 hours.

Of course it’s not the real IP address of the guilty party, but that’s only a matter of time before we find that. 😉 Hell, if any of you want to look, go nuts! Who knows what other scandalous things this person(s) is up too!

I don’t actually care so much about the who or why to be honest, not anymore. I actually want to thank them. If they wouldn’t have given me the bot, it would have taken me forever before I updated my site. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it, right? lol

With the help of an awesome friend, I now have my site on a super secured server with all sorts of goodies, for free! My site is again being recognized by all the search engines and I even had over 2500 unique views yesterday! It will take a little time before it is back to where it was, but luckily for me, I have all sorts of SEO stuff to help me out! The design is still a work in progress, but since Im doing everything myself, I can take my sweet ass time! I have learned a TON over the past week about all this stuff, but have so much more to learn.

As you can see, I have some fun stuff in-store for you guys too! I’ll have a store where you can buy my latest movies, pictures and other fun stuff, a free picture page, a book me page for directors, producers, event, and club promoters to book me. I’ll have a monthly newsletter for subscribers to keep them up to date with what I am doing, as well as a few other things I don’t want to give away just yet! So, I think it’s only appropriate we thank who(m)ever for the bot because my new site is 1000 times better for you guys and me! All together now, “thanks jerk-face hacker for giving me a new site!” 😀

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