XBiz Touts Its Obama Poll But Neglects to Mention It Blew the Call on Measure B

Dan Miller of www.xbiz.com writes the following: “The re-election of Barack Obama to a second term as president on Tuesday night also appeared to be a victory for the adult entertainment industry, which overwhelmingly favored the incumbent in a poll conducted in October by media organization XBIZ.

XBIZ asked industry members: “Which candidate would you like elected U.S. president?”

Of the 339 respondents in October, 68% said Obama, while only 13% favored Romney. Another 14% wanted to see “someone else” in the White House, while 5% responded “I don’t care.”

However, on November 1 Xbiz ran the following headline: “Poll: Adult Entertainment Industry Confident in Defeating Measure B”

Miller who also wrote the story said: With Election Day now only five days away, the adult entertainment industry appears confident that Measure B, the so-called “Safer Sex” ballot initiative that would require mandatory condom enforcement for adult films, will be defeated, according to the preliminary results of a new industry poll conducted by media organization XBIZ.

XBIZ asked industry members, “Do you expect L.A. County’s Measure B to pass?” As of 4 p.m. Thursday, 59% had responded “Yes,” and 41% said “No.” The results are based on responses from members of XBIZ.net, the adult entertainment industry’s leading social network.


Perhaps XBiz should have conducted that poll in the real world where elections are held. Just a thought.

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