XPT Thread: Jeffery Douglas Lies in XBIZ interview

Morning posts on www.xxxporntalk.com – In a recent interview, Jeffery douglas of the Free Speech Coalition flat out lied regarding the current industry practices regarding health and safety

Referring to AIM’s protocols,since the 2004 outbreak, Douglas states….”
“That was years ago, and the protocols have been changed to prevent that from reoccuring.”

This is a flat out lie. There has not been one single change in AIM protocol since even before 2004. While Sharon Mitchell did testify before a State ssembly Committeee that many things were changed, in reality, not one single thing that Mitchell mentioned was ever put into place.(Two week waiting period for newbies, companies paying for tests, quarantine of performers who travel overseees,etc)

Mr. Douglas should know that along with the right of free speech comes the responsibility to be truthful and accurate, which he has completely failed to do here. All of these lies are going to make it very easy for those who wish to regulate the industry.

And just in case someone disagrees, please tell us any change that has been made in AIM’s testing protocol.
Submitted for your discussion.

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