Your Current Test is Worthless No Matter What APHSS Is Telling You

APHSS was supposed to be clarifying an issue. Instead they have completely muddied the HEP testing procedure:

From – APHSS (Adult Production Health & Safety Services) has issued the following clarification regarding new performer testing protocls that were announced yesterday:

Some performers have contacted FSC/APHSS to clarify if tests taken previous to Monday, August 19, will still be valid.

Current tests are valid until they expire. All test taken on or after August 19 will include the new testing protocols (which include tests for hepatitis B, C and trichomoniasis. Once again, performers will be “available” with their existing tests until they expire.


With companies now requiring HEP B & C testing, how can a pre-August 19th test that doesn’t include that panel be considered valid? This was the whole core of the Alex Gonz controversy, and APHSS is truly showing its grasp of the health issue.

If you tested today, you might as well toss that paper as worthless because if you’re scheduled to work Monday, ain’t no way that’s going to happen.

Stupid, stupid, stupid

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