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24 Hour News Cycles Make Iraq’s ISIS Crisis Bigger Than It Is

Welcome to day two of the AdultFYI and The Rob Black Show pivot.

As we explained yesterday, we will no longer be focusing on the mundane, trivial, obnoxious and utterly useless world of porn information and gossip. Unless somebody has AIDS, Ebola, hepatitis C or unless somebody dies, we are not gonna be talking about pornography. We’re not gonna be dissecting someone’s appearance on a James Bartholet radio show, we’re not gonna be dissecting a Vivid roundtable meeting, we’re not gonna be dissecting Mike Strother’s website and Free Speech Coalition and corruption that is prevalent in the adult industry because at the end of the day nobody cares. It’s not gonna change anything. If anybody cared, things would’ve changed already. So talking about it and trying to rally people around it is futile and boring. Things are never gonna change, so it’s a big jerk off waste of time. It’s beneath us.

We kicked off the new era yesterday with a story about the FAA ban on flights to Israel Today the FAA lifted the ban. Some have resumed flights, but others like Delta have said they will make a decision later. We kicked off the new AdultFYI and with that story and will continue to retool the sites and bring you stories that actually matter. AdultFYI will be redesigned and will be along the lines of a CNN type of site, with more stories and video from real news sources. It will also undergo a name change which will be revealed at a later date. The url will redirect to the new site. It will have a different name, a different feel and a different purpose. At the end of the day, nobody gives a shit about porn gossip except for about 15 jackoffs with no lives. Nobody gives a fuck about the crap that goes on in this business and come 2015, the adult industry as you know it will cease to exist anyway. So we’re staying ahead of the curve. Nobody’s getting rich and it’s a business where you are putting good money into bad, so what’s the point? There isn’t any. This industry is toast. It’s no use trying to suck water out of a dried up sponge.

I’m excited about our new direction and our new focus. That said, let’s see what’s going on in the real world.

Where the fuck is ISIS? I’m not talking about Isis the porn star who works for I’m talking about that horrific terrorist organization that is as mean and bad as Al Qaeda. Rampaging through the streets of Iraq and threatening to overturn the government, which would mean they would be threatening the United States, so we need to send thousands of troops back into Iraq to rescue the country from these evildoers because the black president pulled us out too soon.

Katie Summers said to me last night, “You know what I noticed?” I said, “What, my beautiful flower?” She said, “You don’t hear about ISIS anymore. You don’t hear about anything going on in Iraq.” I said, “You know why? Because the media has bigger and better stories to cover. There’s the downing of the Malaysian airplane by Russian separatists and the violence in the Gaza Strip. Images of Palestinian children being blown up are far more compelling than a bunch of militant assholes fresh off the monkey bars in beat up pickup trucks trying to overthrow a government that is ten times more corrupt than Sadaam Hussein’s ever was.”

I explained to her that these things that go on in these regions have gone on for years and we never heard about them, but because we are in the information age with the internet and round the clock cable news, stories are fed to us in a way to make them seem more dire than they are. Before the Malaysian airplane being shot down and the latest Israel/Hamas skirmish made the news, you had ISIS being touted as something that would bring ISIS fighters to the playgrounds of the USA on the monkey bars killing our children. We were told that this was a danger of epic proportions and our black president was dooming all of us with his inaction. You remember? Every day was ISIS/Iraq, oh my God, the country’s gonna fall… Now we have two other news stories that are far more entertaining.

Everything that was happening in Iraq with ISIS is still going on. It’s just not being covered. Things that are going on over there have been going on for years. Because of the information age and the way it’s being covered, we think it’s so enormous. How is it gonna alter our lives whatsoever if a bunch of hooligans in a pick up truck and machine guns from 1965 go around shooting up the desert in a country with no military to speak of and a bunch of uneducated religious nut jobs? This shit’s been going on for years. It’s still going on. We’re just not covering it. If they never covered it, people in America wouldn’t think anything of it and life would go on. The media puts the fear in people that this is something we should be concerned about.

When a poll comes out that says President Obama’s approval rating is dropping, that’s because the media is telling everybody, “Look what’s popping off here! Look what’s popping off there!” It’s always been going on, we’ve just never had the news cycles that we have now. Something happens and within six hours Anderson Cooper’s there with a camera crew going, “Look at all the dead bodies. Oh my God!” Wolf Blitzer’s there saying, “The air raid sirens are going off. We gotta find shelter!” We never had that before.

Palestinians and Israelis have been fighting each other for years and years. Hurling rockets at each other, killing each other. It’s always been going on. But now with the internet, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, Al Jazeera, etc. all having to fill up 24 hours of television, you get all the gory details. Before all of this you only had so much space in the newspaper and Dan Rather only had an hour to get everything in. You would get a blurb about Gaza and then he would go on to the next story. Now you have 24 hours to cover the same story over and over again.

For a week now, we’ve heard the same story and seen the same images of the Malaysian airliner that was shot down. The same story over and over and over. Nothing has changed. Everybody knows the story by now. There is a civil war between the government of Ukraine and separatists backed by Russia and Putin. The separatists have been shooting Ukranian planes out of the sky for weeks and weeks. They said that if they see anything flying above, they will shoot it down. The Malaysian plane got shot down because they flew over this region. They’re still over there shooting down planes. Nothing’s gonna change that because Russia is a superpower that the world relies on for energy. Germany buys natural gas from Russia because Angela Merkel is not gonna build nuclear plants after what happened in Japan. So what’s Germany gonna do? Nothing. Germans aren’t gonna freeze their balls off in the winter. They need that natural gas to heat their houses. All of these European nations rely on Russia, so they’re not gonna do anything. Everybody grumbles about Obama not doing enough, but it’s up to these European nations to apply the economic sanctions and they are not going to. The USA could cut Russia out, but these other nations can’t.

Thanks to the 24 hour news cycles, you get fed information that ultimately has always been out there. Back in the 80’s the US shot down an Iranian passenger jet. And we refused to apologize for it! We basically said, “Fuck you Iran. We thought you were an F-14 Tomcat attacking us.” Can you imagine if that happened now in a 24 hour cycle? There was no internet back then. We had a newspaper. It was news for a couple of days and then Dan Rather went, “OK next.”

This kind of shit has always happened. And we are here, we are strong and we are mighty. There is no way a bunch of uneducated pickup truck driving Muslims in Iraq are gonna threaten America. Again, if you watch the media you think that’s what’s gonna happen. But it’s not. It goes back to what I talked about with the internet. As much as the internet may have helped us in certain ways, it’s also hurt us. It’s great for jerking off and choosing hookers on Craigslist and being able to buy shit without leaving your house, but it’s also made us fearful. We never worried about stuff going on in the Middle East because it was not deemed worthy to broadcast.

When people say we live in danger in America, no we don’t. America isn’t dangerous. The Middle East is dangerous and there is nothing we can do or say to change that. They have a different way of life. We can’t change them or bring our way of life to them because they don’t want it. When we start sticking our noses in their business and try to bring Democracy to them that’s when we have problems like what happened on 9/11. If we had never gone into Iraq during the Gulf War and let them and Kuwait work it out themselves back in 91, 9/11 never would’ve happened.

We need to disengage. We need to stop fucking with all that shit over there. Let them live their lives and we live ours. If they want to drink their own piss and chop off their hands and hang each other from cranes and throw rocks at each others heads, let them do it. We don’t need to be there passing out leaflets and trying to get them to change. We don’t need to bring them “freedom.” When we back the play of different regimes and governments and interfere with their politics and customs, that’s when their problems become our problems.

We don’t deserve to live in fear. All for money, oil, ego, power and Republican greed. Stay out of the Middle East and let Russia and the Ukraine work out their own shit as well. Cancel your flight to Israel.

This has been a public service announcement from the NEW Rob Black Show.

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