Mike South Is Done. FYI To Take Over His Blog?

Mike South

Mike South has announced his retirement as he nears 60, impotent and is about to lose his ass in that upcoming lawsuit. There has been some talk on this site about buying the domain when South kicks it or quits and now is the time to start making plans.

Mike South

I have to admit it stopped being fun a long time ago, between the content thieves, the danger faced simply performing and the cut throat nature of the biz these days I have to wonder why I am still here.  I am making plans to exit this year, don’t know when but I am pretty sure this is the last year unless something changes, frankly I’d rather be fishing, diving and enjoying my dotage doing the things I love.

Unclear how the old man will now support himself and spend all his time fishing and screwing around all day as he can’t have too much stashed away but that is of no concern to us. The focus should on how to grab the domain when he walks out the door. His fans are already worried about the domain being taken over by someone else and have suggested that it be maintained for “historical purposes.”



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