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NORTHRIDGE, CA) — She’s a sexy adult film star, host on and a busy feature dancer all around the nation. Top Pro Talent interviewed porn star “Sierra” today.

In a pre-conversation with TPT editor, Wayne C. Lewis, Sierra expressed frustration with her website [] launch being delayed due to technical issues, but seemed excited about the new look and design, coming soon.

WCL: Ok, so talk to me, tell me what’s new with Sierra. Are you still making any movies?

sierra: oh god what’s new? Nothing yet I am taking some time to reinvent myself

WCL: re-invent yourself aye? LOL You’re not getting a Breast Job are you?

sierra: I’ve considered it. Just considered.

WCL: Seriously? Bigger or smaller?

sierra: bigger

WCL: Well you do what ya gotta do, but I’m thinkin’ they fine just they way they is 😉

sierra: It s time for me to direct though

WCL: oooo direct, cool. Have you at all yet?

sierra: No I haven’t. Right now I am learning a lot of behind the scenes stuff like editing.

WCL: That’s good. It’s always good to get experience in ALL areas of production. As a director, that will help you look for the right things as well. Is there any specific kind of movie you’d like to direct? [Style, race, etc.]

sierra: Yeah I want to do an interactive line. You chose the toys and scene kind of thing. Maybe in the future I will have my own talk show

WCL: Your own talk show…you kind of already have one now on You thinkin’ mainstream TV or Radio.

sierra: Television would be nice. I would love to host a TV show. I think I would be good.

WCL: I do too. Would you want to make it like a Rikki Lake, Oprah, Jenny Jones kind of thing, but more sexual themed focus?

sierra: I am pretty good at making people feel comfortable and getting there clothes off.

WCL: lol…You never asked me to take my clothes off

sierra: I will work on that…I expect you naked soon

WCL: ok good…Your command is my wish

sierra: lol

WCL: Tell me something none of your fans know, most people in the industry probably don’t know…about SIERRA.

sierra: I don’t know how to talk dirty

WCL: LOL, serious?

sierra: I am really really bad at it. I am also easily embarrassed. I’ve bought books on how to talk dirty though

WCL: If I was in front of you right now, say something seductive to me, in your own style…

sierra: I have no idea I am more of a giggler


sierra: I just repeat what my lover says

WCL: So when you’re in a personal, intimate situation, you’d rather say, “clothes off now, lets get it on” instead of something more detailed?

sierra: I smile a lot and let the other person take control unless I am drunk then I don’t remember what I said but it must have been good

WCL: lol….so you like to be a “sub”

sierra: always. I am quite shy…but nasty

WCL: You ARE NOT shy

sierra: yes I am

WCL: not “on air”

sierra: well that’s my alter ego in front of the camera, but how long was it before I spoke to you on a regular basis?

WCL: hmmm good point. Ok, so lets get back to your bedroom for a minute.

sierra: ok

WCL: So you like to be controlled, lets say he’s doin’ that. How far can he take it? In other words, when does a lover [or what], off camera, push the limits with you?

sierra: Lets see. I like it all one of my favorite things to say is its not good unless it hurts. I like good rough sex! Never been into making love. I’ve hung from the ceiling before.

WCL: hung from the ceiling? lol How rough can he go?

sierra: nothing like a good hard spanking

WCL: Hair pulled, back scratched till you bleed, spanking till your ass burns?

sierra: is this an invitation?

WCL: No, but I am getting turned on…lol

sierra: lol

WCL: How did you start in porn. Stripper turned porn star or introduction from an other area?

sierra: Stripper turned porn star. I stripped for 8 years in Atlanta.

WCL: Did you start underage?

sierra: no I was 18,then I decided I wanted to do something bigger

WCL: that’s what all my girlfriends say after a while, “I want to do something bigger”

sierra: lmao

sierra: I moved here when I was 25 and decide porn was for me

WCL: So you moved on to porn, you made a great name for yourself and now you’re taking a short break before your return. You’re not going to retire on us anytime soon are you?

sierra: No, definitely not! You know at some point you realize this is a career and you have decide what your going to do next I am at that stage

WCL: If you start directing and producing, can we still count on you making sexual appearances in the films from time to time?

sierra: Definitely! I am trying to think up a new niche.


sierra: lol

WCL: You’re taking a break from the biz, how about from your side gig making “private” appearances?

sierra: No private appearances but I am still featuring. I have upcoming shows in NY Tampa and Minn.

WCL: Aite….on the road, when fans meet you at dancing gigs, if they got the right game, do they have a shot at you? In otherwords, would you ever date a fan?

sierra: I am dating one now

WCL: That answers that

sierra: lol

WCL: Where did you guys meet?

sierra: 2 years ago at the AVN convention but we didn’t hook up till this year. I tried to stay single forever.

WCL: I always find it interesting that a regular “joe” can tolerate porn stars sex lives. Does he ever have concerns?

sierra: well, he is not a regular “joe”. I tried dating outside the business but it just didn’t work for me they always wanted to change me

WCL: So your fan-boyfriend is also involved in the business to some capacity?

sierra: He is a director I probably have more reason to be concerned there are always beautiful women trying to get on his couch. Cameron Grant. He has a line called rude girls.

WCL: Every Monday night you host Ebony Nights with Flexx on How is that going? Are you enjoying it?

sierra: I love it. It gives me a reason to get out of bed on Monday…hey wait thats not a good thing, lol.

WCL: lol

sierra: Flexx is great we have a lot of fun

WCL: Have you had any guests on that you REALLY LOVED and any you weren’t a big fan of?

sierra: It was great having Monique on I have always wanted to do a scene with here I think we are both equally nasty girls. Lola Lane is always fun too.

WCL: How about any negative experiences. Someone that was rude or annoying?

sierra: we had a guest once who obviously was fighting with her boyfriend who was also a guest so that was a real awkward

WCL: name names

sierra: that wouldn’t be nice you might print it

WCL: lol…you should be in politics…and I WOULD print it

sierra: Hey I’ve been caught before I have learned my lesson

WCL: We appreciate the opportunity to talk to you today. Is there a place that companies can get in touch with you in the event they want to hire you to direct a film?

sierra: Yeah you can contact me via e-mail: [email protected] or snail mail : 9420 Reseda Blvd#253, Northridge, CA, 91324

WCL: Are these the same places fans can contact you as well?

sierra: yes

WCL: Perfect…thank you again and best of luck to your re-vamped career in the future!

sierra: thanks its going to be a great ride

WCL: I hear you are

sierra: lol



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