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A! Entertainment’s Shady Evening At The Sant’Yago Knight Parade

Ybor City, FL/ A Entertainment News – Tony batman, posts: The Sant’Yago Knight Parade is the second and more Adult orientated parade in the Tampa Bay area to celebrate the invasion of the Pirates Gasparilla.

Also known as the Gasparilla night parade, the Sant’Yago event takes place in Ybor City on the famed 7th Avenue. If you need to compare, Ybor City would be like New Orleans, 7TH Avenue likens Bourbon Street, and the Sant’Yago Knight Parade hopes to remind you of the larger Mardi Gras parades.

The A Entertainment and Shady Life Crews commandeered at very worthy bead throwing balcony overlooking 7th Avenue. The Upper Level club, 1910 E 7th Ave Ybor City Florida, which is a part of a huge building called the Good Time Café Entertainment complex was our home base for the night. Our bar upstairs housed the two large balconies over looking the parade route. Downstairs in the Jazz lounge, you would swear you where in New Orleans and just stepped into the big easy. The club had a special act for the night, a pair of guys that played this fusion of jazz, rock, and techno music on electric violins. The Baroque Boys are young, good, and very entertaining. I believe they are opening for Jordan Sparks during a portion of her current concert tour.

We came prepared for this pirate flashing feast, I mean for the adult version of the Gasparilla Parade. The Shady crew packed hundreds of dollars worth of bead necklaces to entice the beautiful parade viewers to throw a smile our way once in a while in exchange of our gifts that we threw at them. After hundreds of years of this tradition, we are happy to report that the gifts for boobs exchange still works; thank goodness the current economy hasn’t ruined everything fun. We will always have sexy women and boobs, a beautiful visual and mental retreat from the world.

After some pirate merriment, AKA, a bunch of drinks, we walked up and back down 7th Avenue interviewing people about their experiences from the evening, within 10 minutes of taping we gained our very own police escort. I was figuring they were clearing the crowd for us so we could talk to more people with out incident. Then my crew explained to me that they were waiting to see if I was going to ask a sexy lady to flash her boobs, then they planned to take both of us, the flasher and I, off to the pokey, a paddy wagon was awaiting our arrival. Somewhere in the night the no boob’s enforcement became very strict, like someone rung a bell or something. Fortunately we caught on, well the crew caught on, fast enough.

We took a break from the street and went into a place called New York New York Pizzeria for a slice and another beer. After talking to the owner who came to Tampa Bay straight from the Bronx we came to the opinion that his place was as close to New York street pizza as you can get without actually being there. The food was good, the beer was good, and the people were as fun as saying “Faaa Get about it”. While we were eating a young lady asked what the video crew was for.
We told her it was for hot girls that have a “special skill” to show us so we can tape it.
She chose beer bonging as the talent portion of the contest, she kicked ass at it too. I will have to admit I really like drunken girls sometimes, as wrong as that may be. She won and we taped it….

The crew and I made our way back to the balcony where we met up with local porn starlet Christy Wild. We threw some more beads and partied for a while longer. We warranted a few visits from Tampa’s finest since Christy’s top kept falling off. After a short period of conversation about how natural it is to be topless we all decided it was time to end our Ybor City adventure.

When we got to the vehicles we all decided that we should get some breakfast to wash down all the beer, so we caravanned to the Ihop pancake house closest to the meeting house and we invaded the place with extreme predacious. That’s where I met my Valentine for the night, her name was Felicia. I don’t remember anything after that point; I woke up on the couch at Uncle Shady’s house. and it was the next day already.


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