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A Good Story is Worth Repeating: Anal Queen Ashley Blue Turns Author

from – Like Penny Flame, Ashley Blue has re-directed her high spirited energies to the printed page and has written an autobiography.

I’ve interviewed the voluble Ashley on a number of occasions. I first met her on a Skeeter Kerkove shoot where she was on all fours, on an outdoor wicker couch with a dick in her ass and, at the same time, talking as nonchalant as a discussion about baseball.

Blue, known primarily for her “Gilvert” movies for JM Productions, would be critiqued about her then friendship with the Kerkoves. On his old Internet show the Sports Swami ranked Blue, along with Mary Carey as one of porn’s most overrated performers because of those connections.

Getting wind of it, Blue, true to form, told Swami he was a “fucking idiot”.

“I remember interviewing with you and you were telling me how great I am and kissing my ass,” Blue went on to say.

“Who the fuck do you think you are trying to ‘rate’ me? I think you don’t even matter enough to be rated at anything. You are less than zero.”

Blue was frequently asked why she stayed with JM Productions and didn’t try her luck with other companies, for instance, Wicked.

“Wicked never would have offered me a contract,” Blue said frankly.

“It doesn’t matter because it isn’t really my style of movies. And lot of the smaller companies don’t have contract girls. And if they do, they get paid shit. JM, they’re really great. I’ve been doing the Gilvert movies for them. They’re buying me a car and giving me a salary. It’s really good. I don’t think anybody else would have done that.”

Blue could be very funny and opinionated, but as many learned, hell had no fury like Ashley scorned. The Village Voice once described Blue as porn’s most savage critic and its most spirited actress. If you got on the wrong side of her, God help ya.

Like the unfortunate Trent Tesoro who incurred her wrath. Blue grew up in Thousand Oaks, California. After dropping out of college, Blue came into the business with Tesoro as a boyfriend/girlfriend duo, and they would have a massive falling out. Massive in the sense that Blue would haul Tesoro on national television before Judge Mathis in 2004.

Blue loaned Tesoro something like $2500 and when Tesoro took off with another woman, Blue decided that public humiliation was the best revenge.

Blue went on TV and asked for a judgment against Tesoro and got it in terms of $1539. Mathis who saw for himself what it’s like to distinguish conflicting stories between porn stars, at one point left the bench in exasperation. Mathis, in ruling on behalf of Blue, concluded that her case was pretty much a matter of her being pissed off that Tesoro “ran off with the other porno women- that’s why she’s suing you” and that she was jealous of femme fatale Mary Kate Ashley who served as a rather dubious eye witness at best.

Blue explained how she started dating Tesoro and about six months into the relationship walked into a modeling agency which “ended up being a porn agency.” Mathis’ eyebrows raised on that one.

“We got into the adult business together,” Blue said.

“Pornographic films?” Mathis asked as if there are any other kind. Mathis was skeptical whether this case was for real or if Blue and Tesoro were playing roles. Evidently not, though Blue eventually dumped Tesoro for Jonni Darko.

Afterwards, Blue would have this to say:

“He [Tesoro] broke my heart. We were like really in love, and we did porn. We had a weird relationship, anyway. He decided to start fucking dating all these whores that he’d do scenes with – take them out on dates to $300 dinners. That killed me and he went on vacation with some ugly girls; ugly girls like this girl named Roxy. He took this fucking white trash girl Bobbie…”

Blue explained how she kicked Tesoro out and then he borrowed money from her to move. “I couldn’t stand to be in the house with him any longer,” she said. Blue claims Tesoro borrowed the money and never paid her back. That’s when she went after him on Judge Mathis.

“I filed small claims against him. I was, like, fuck this. He shouldn’t be able to get away with blowing me off. Just because I’m not a bank. I’ve always been the bank. They called me and we flew to Chicago. I told the judge we did porno. He brought his new junkie girlfriend who looks all, like…I was wearing a suit, she’s got like her hair up in a bun and is wearing a sweatshirt. She could barely keep her eyes open ’cause their rolling back in her head because she’s a heroin junkie.” Blue, of course was talking about Mary Kate Ashley.

At the time, she did a KSEX interview with Jason Sechrest, Blue reported that Tesoro moved back to Texas.

She explained that U-haul didn’t trust Tesoro enough to let him take a trailer across state lines.

“Because he’s got the most fucked up credit in the whole world.”

Consequently, said Blue, Tesoro had to put all his stuff in storage and turned his girl out to do scenes so they could take that money and move back to Texas. Blue said Tesoro was wonderful at one time. Asked what changed him, she suspected drugs, money, L.A. and carelessness.

“Maybe it was bound to happen, anyway,” she continued, “and it was pushed along by what we do.”

Blue guessed that drugs accounted for maybe 50% of the problem.

“You can do drugs and keep it under control, too, and not become a complete addict, loser, asshole, which is what he became.”

Blue said she stopped missing Tesoro a long time ago.

“I have a faint memory of what this person used to be- we went to Europe. He taught me all these things. He was very much into food and art. He was so caring. Then all of a sudden he became this self-centered where’s the next party, where’s the next this or that, where’s the next sex party. And why don’t you go fuck all my friends or you don’t love me. That’s what I remember and that’s why I don’t miss.”

Blue described the Judge Mathis episode as “so Springer”.

“I acted like such a fucking bitch. I’m screaming at the judge that he’s [Tesoro] on drugs and he’s spent all his money on it, that he borrowed money from me and spent it on coke. I was livid.”

During another interview with Jason Sechrest on KSEX, Sechrest felt that she was deserving of the accolade anal queen.

“The ass is very emotional,” Blue stated, noting that her butt tends to close up during tense situations. I don’t know if it’s still true, but Blue also added that she’s never done double-vaginal and intends to hold off on that.

“I’ve got to save something for when I’m 40- if I ever want to push a kid out, I don’t want it to fall out!”

Often asked what it takes to become an anal queen, Blue had this ready answer:

“It’s not painful if you’re really sexually aroused and turned on by it and know how to do it. The blood vessels around your anus start get filled up and things start to feel good. It’s not like something like two virgins could just go ahead and make each other happy that way. It’s something you have to learn how to do. It’s like learning how to have an orgasm. It’s like learning how to use your G-spot.”

After Blue had won the AVN Female Performer of the Year award she was invited to come back on KSEX. She had turned down a Digital Playground request for an interview on their Internet show to do this one instead.

“Now Digital Playground’s all mad that I came on KSEX instead,” moaned Ashley.

“But at least I was honest. I wasn’t saying like I had a tubular pregnancy and I needed to NOT be on the show! I said the truth. It’s not like I’m going to an abortion right now and it’s going to be on the Internet later! Yeah, I’m going out to Vegas to rescue all the whores that o.d’d. Like Girlvert going out in a fucking ambulance,” she laughed. “I’d have all the surgical tools.”

As if it weren’tobvious,Blue said she wasn’t crazy about Digital Playground.

“I felt I could do more good by spreading it out a little. And I think this [KSEX] show is a little smarter. A little. Like I don’t come out and have lost brain cells.”

On another occasion, Blue described how she shot for Digital Playground’s Robbie D at “a sleazy ass motel room”. Blue thought she was going to be working on a high end production.

“It turns out to be the fuckin’ Motor Inn Lodge on Sepulveda. It was so scandalous. You know one of those days in porn where you’re like, what the fuck am I doing with my life? If my mom knew where I was she’d probably want to come get me.”

Blue never expected to win Female Performer of the Year.

“This might sound presumptuous but I thought I had a good chance of winning Best New Starlet, but no chance of Best Performer. But now it’s, like, hmm. I don’t think I could think of any award bigger than this. But now, all I have to do is retire before I become a complete drug addict, right?”

Asked what she does for encores after winning the big one, Blue said, “Retire so I can go sit at my boyfriend’s [Johnni Darko] table next year and he can win awards. But winning this award is a great credential,” she adds.

“Hopefully, it’ll rejuvenate me so I can do this another year. But I can’t expect or assume anything beyond the next year.”

Asked why Darko was the love of her life, Blue answered, “He’s like the best man in my life- that I’ve ever met,” Blue answered. Blue said she and Darko were a perfect match.

The words would come back to haunt. Blue’s relationship with Darko was short lived. She dropped him as a boyfriend as she did a ton of weight when she went on a diet.

The relationship, said Blue, was over with Darko when she returned his key and contact lens solution. As far as the weight, Blue who admits to having a “crappy body image,” once explained that she was the fat chick in school who hid doughnuts in her locker.

Blue wound up marrying photographer Dave Naz in 2009 and wrote a book titled “Gilvert” about her experiences in the industry.

Blue says she began recording the true stories upon which Girlvert’s adventures were based once she quit doing coke.

“So then I had a clear head and I looked back on these crazy times, the cool drugged-out times that I had in porn and my life, and I was feeling like I wanted to hold onto it because it was not going to be like that anymore. It’s not negative, but I’m not delusional and painting some picture about, oh, I was so great and everybody was so mean. I just wanted to tell a real story.”

Forbes, a couple of weeks ago, reported the fact that a limited edition of the book was available for $200 but was limited to 50 copies.


Each book jacket contains one of Blue’s pubic hairs.

“Girlvert,” Forbes explained, is Blue’s autobiography of her decade-long career in the porn trade, noting that Blue is famous for her extreme sexual performances and for starring in an adult video series entitled “Girlvert.” The book is her story of what happened on stage and off, from her personal struggles to performing for the cameras to finding love.

Blue, said Forbes, joins a new literary niche: porn star authors. Porn star-turned-“Entourage” guest star Sasha Grey, who scored the lead role in Steven Soderbergh’s “The Girlfriend Experience,” recently released Neu Sex, a book of erotic photos. Jenna Jameson’s How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale, co-written with Neil Strauss, spent several weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and continues to sell.

Said one review: “[Blue] has pushed herself to the outermost extremes of what the body and mind are capable of – all before turning thirty years old – and now she’s made it an authentic read for the rest of us to marvel at, elevating the depravity and denial inherent in the pornographic arts to a singular literary experience.”

The book is available as a standard paperback or in the limited edition. The limited edition has a letterpress cover, is signed and dated by Blue, and includes a Polaroid of her by her photographer husband Dave Naz, a lithograph of an artwork by Blue herself, and an invitation to a launch event on Small’s book tour.

But the most provocative aspect of the limited edition is the pubic hair embedded in the book’s jacket, reported Forbes.

Tyson Cornell, Blue’s publisher, read her manuscript two years ago.

Impressed by her porn tale, Cornell introduced Blue to several editors and literary agents in New York. They all passed on the project.

“It was just too explicit for anyone to actually do anything with it while still attempting to maintain any kind of integrity,” Cornell explained.

Cornell then returned to Blue with the idea of publishing her book under his Barnacle Book imprint.

At the time the two began working on the idea, Max Hardcore was incarcerated after having been found guilty on various obscenity-related charges. So Blue, who had worked with Hardcore, suggested they create a “Pubes for Prisoners” campaign to promote the book.

According to Cornell, “This ultimately led us to the idea of creating a limited art edition of Girlvert that includes a genuine pubic hair placed in this handmade Japanese paper that we’ve assembled as a unique dust jacket for this exclusive edition of only 50 copies.”

So far, the paperback edition has 2,100 pre-orders, and, said Forbes, the $200-a-p0p limited edition is nearly sold out. By independent publishing standards, the book is a success.

Blue launched her book tour beginning Wednesday this week. She was at Brooklyn’s powerHouse Arena to sign autographs (37 Main St. at corner of Water and Main).

On June 1, Blue returns to L.A. for a “XXX Nite” at famed venue Largo (366 N. La Cienega Blvd.).

Girlvert: A Porno Memoir can be purchased now at


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