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A Good Story is Worth Repeating: Named in $10M Sex/Porn Lawsuit; Booze and Sex Scam Enticed at Least 30 Women

It’s been said that any moron can make money in the adult film industry. Then, again, try collecting some of it.

It’s also hard to believe that two complete imbeciles were responsible for manipulating the workings of the following empire: has been described as the Black Facebook. It’s a social networking site for Black Americans. It has, reportedly, over 15 million members, over 20,000 groups and more than 200 million page views.

“Radio One” is a radio broadcasting company that targets African American and urban listeners. “Radio One” owns BlackPlanet through its digital platform property, Interactive One. Radio One’s headquarters is in Lanham, Maryland.

“Interactive One” provides online programming, products and services for the African American community.

“Miami Vibes Enterprises” is an adult video production company headquartered in Miramar, Florida.

“DCash Technologies” owns and operates DCash Studios, an adult website operated out of Ft.Lauderdale, Florida.

“DSynternet Media” owns DCash Studios and it’s also located in Ft.Lauderdale. DSynternet Online owns and operates DCash Studios and is also located in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida.

Collectively, DCash Technologies, DSynternet Media,Inc., and DYsternet Online Inc own DCash

Even with a cheat sheet, it would be hard to pass a genealogy quiz of the companies involved in what’s becoming one of the biggest sex scandals to hit the Internet.

Emerson Callum [pictured left], president of Miami Vibes Enterprises has been criminally indicted by a federal grand jury on 22 counts. Callum is a Jamaican porn performer who is also known by the name Jah-T. His partner-in-crime, Lavont Flanders Jr. [pictured right] of Miami, has also been indicted.

Flanders is an interesting story. He’s a former Miami-Dade county transit bus driver and Miami Beach police officer, who, about four years ago, was arrested for the rapes of at least five women. That was the tip of the current iceberg which threatens to put a Titanic-sized hole in the public relations image.

According to police, Flanders, posing as a phony talent scout, lured the women by telling them he was a photographer with promises to get them in a commercial. Police say he met the women at a warehouse where he drugged them and then sexually assaulted them.

Flanders may have preyed on other women, explained Dale Robertson of the Miramar Police Department.

“What has happened is these women, young ladies, would post their information and pictures and stuff on this website called and our suspect would go to this website and pick his victims off this website.”

Flanders contacted the women through

By August, 2011 Callum and Flanders, combined, had lured at least 30 women to that warehouse in Miramar, Florida. As part of their defense, the men claimed the woman knew they were showing up to film pornography and had signed releases.

The men claimed that their business was legitimate porn but they allegedly spiked drinks with Xanax to make the women more compliant for it. The DVDS were then sold online and to local porn shops. That’s when the FBI entered the pictured.

Now some of the models are striking back. A woman known as Jane Doe No. 11 from Jacksonville, Florida, just filed a $10M lawsuit in US District Court, Southern District of Florida naming Flandres, Callum and the entire network as defendants.

Jane Doe created and maintained a to attract the interest of talent scouts and modeling agencies. Instead, she attracted Callum and Flanders.

In January, 2006, Jane Doe received an email from someone purporting to be a female talent scout. Doe says she had every reason to believe it was a legitimate opportunity presenting itself. Next she was contact by someone named “Antwon” who actually was Flanders.

Flanders explained that he had been given Doe’s contact information from the female talent scout. Flanders asked Doe if she might want to audition for a Bacardi modeling contract. Flanders explained that the audition required her to drink alcohol and to recite lines.

After she had traveled to do the audition, Flanders told Jane Doe it had been cancelled but kept asking her questions about her alcohol tolerance and experience with drinking hard liquor. He said he wanted to be sure she passed the audition when it was re-scheduled.

The following weekend Doe made the trip again. This time Flanders took her to the Miami Vibes office. Jane Doe was asked to recite lines, and, during the course of the “audition” took down three shots of Bacardi Gold. When Doe got back to her hotel room she told her cousin she didn’t think she got the modeling job because she couldn’t handle the liquor.

After returning home Jane Doe contacted the female talent scout through her profile and was told she didn’t get the part. In May, 2006 Flanders again contacted Jane Doe, that although she didn’t get the part she was invited to audition for a Hennessy contract.

The same type of audition was repeated, and Jane Doe was required to drink more alcohol. She was told at the time she did well but never heard back from Flanders.

Around October, 2007 Doe was contacted by her regular agent asking her why she had done porn. Doe said she hadn’t and was confused where her agent was getting his information. He then brought a copy of a DVD, distributed by Miami Vibes Enterprises, to her house.

It featured Doe and the other defendant in the lawsuit, Emerson Callum. This was the first time she ever remembered seeing Callum. Doe went to the police station and pressed charges against Callum and Flanders. By this time Callum and Flanders had been implicated in a number of other rapes, where they employed Xanax mickeys in shots of hard liquor and went through the same rigamarole as they had with Jane Doe No. 11.

In the lawsuit Jane Doe is alleging that Callum and Flanders drugged and raped her and distributed video of the rape for profit, without her consent, through Miami Vibes Enterprises Inc.

Doe seeks punitive damages for sexual battery, privacy invasion, negligence, corporate liability and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

She notes that both Callum and Flanders have been “criminally indicted by a federal grand jury” for the “actions that are the subject matter of this lawsuit.”

Doe says she has no memory of the assault and remained unaware of the video until her agent showed it to her.

“I got sick, I threw up, I was devastated,” she said. “It was horrible. I was so disgusted and what they did was so degrading.”

Her attorney says it couldn’t have happened without BlackPlanet’s negligence.

“They knew or should have known that there were men going on the site that are sexual predators,” said Miami lawyer Jeffrey Herman, who is representing Jane Doe.

“BlackPlanet has liability for failing to warn my client and other women about the dangers.”

Herman said BlackPlanet should have posted a warning about sexual predators on the site, which caters to young women seeking careers in acting or modeling.

In an email statement to the Miami Herald, BlackPlanet aka Radio One “vehemently” denied all of the allegations in the lawsuit.

“We are confident that we will be absolved in a court of competent jurisdiction,” wrote company lawyer Sundria R. Ridgley.

“The owner and operator of strongly encourage Internet users to observe prudent and safe practices.”

At least one other social website has already been pressured to adopt safety procedures. In August, settled a rape victim’s lawsuit by agreeing to cross-check all new members against publicly available databases of sexual offenders and predators. According to published accounts, the victim — a California woman — did not know that her online date had once been convicted of rape.

Herman said all social networking sites should adopt similar identity checks but he said he didn’t know whether a database search would have exposed Callum or Flanders. Callum and Flanders had worked together since 2006.

Their lawyers say all of the alleged victims signed releases to be filmed in pornography and are seen in the video denying they were drunk or under the influence of drugs.

The two defendants will be eligible for life sentences if they’re convicted of sexual battery, human trafficking and conspiracy at their trial that’s scheduled to begin in November.


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