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A Good Story is Worth Repeating: Gary Lee as Jed Clampett Gets His Ooooooooo Doggie On

from – “That’s the thing about salted down possum, it’s just as good the second day” … Jed Clampett

Gary Lee plays grizzled very well. Maybe not as well as Jason Statham in the new film Killer Elite, but certainly well enough to be mistaken for Jed Clampett if you’re riding by in a tourist bus. Naturally Buddy Ebsen still holds the record of 274 TV episodes playing Jed Clampett, but Lee far from embarrasses himself in the porn version.

Although his name will undoubtedly prompt some Googling, Lee’s been in the business long enough to have appeared in over 300 Internet sex scenes on websites although the Beverly Hillbillies XXX parody marks probably the first time that Lee, who hails from Paso Robles, is getting requests for interviews.

Yet, going unrecognized in the porn business tends to disturb Lee a might, a point he makes in a BTS interview for the Beverly Hillbillies XXX parody. Especially when Lee went to audition for the Jed part and Jeff Mullen drew a blank.

“Here’s probably the premier parody company in the whole industry…” intones Lee, not as miffed as it might sound.

“…He don’t even know who I am. I worked really hard in this industry. I was talking about this with one of my buddies.

“‘Of course he [Ryder] doesn’t know who you are,’ he says. ‘He doesn’t know anything about your industry.’ I go we’re all in the adult industry.

“Then he goes, ‘the adult industry is segmented. We’re two distinct parts. We have the full featured DVD guys, and we have the Internet guys.’ Of which I’ve always been a part of.

“‘Talk to some of your Internet buddies, the webmasters out there and ask them if they know who Jeff Mullen is.’ So I did, and their reply was, who the fuck is Jeff Mullen?” To which Lee and Mullen share a chuckle.

“But it made me think, hey, he’s right,” Lee continues.

“We are two distinct parts of the industry. I’m not a full feature actor, but I’m really happy that somebody like Jeff Mullen and Scott David gave me a chance to be in this full feature.

Lee says he enjoyed showing up to work, especially the part where he didn’t have to worry about saving his money shot for the production.

“I actually got paid to act! That was the coolest thing for me. I’d love to do more of that. On the other hand, what I’m used to, is when I show up they say, this is Carrie, this is Sara. You guys are gonna fuck, go to makeup and get back here when you’re ready.

“I’d be in and out of there in three hours. Down here it’s three hours for me to drive here. I drove down here to audition. I drove down here again to do my lines. I drove down here to do my work. Yet I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world. I think I’ve made some life long friends. We all got along great together on the set.

“There was some great actors,” Lee continues.

“The cameraman, Miles, really knew his stuff. In the DVD industry it seems like everyone knows their one job really well. Whereas on the Internet side of the industry everybody wears multiple hats. On the Internet-side of the industry I’m an actor. I’ve done camera work. I’ve been a director. I’ve been a producer. I’ve built websites. I do all this stuff. Scott David and Jeff Mullen are good at what they do.”

Lee numbers Ron Jeremy among his best friends and has appeared in a number of movies with The Hedgehog.

You also get the impression that Lee had done more than his share of DP scenes with Jeremy.

“You gotta do what you gotta do to make money in the industry,” Lee shrugs.

“We’re definitely both heterosexual so there’s no problems there.”

Lee is the first to admit there’s nothing like having a job where you can bang gorgeous twenty year olds.

“Another great thing about being on this set is that we had so many hot women on it. Kagney Linn Karter was really nice to work with. What a body on that one. I never thought of Miss Jane as being a hottie when I was watching Beverly Hillbillies as a kid. But Miss Jane [played by Dana DeArmond] was a great surprise on this set. The girls that came in for the auditions with Jethro [Otto Bauer] did very well and were extremely hot.”

Mullen noted that among the women, Courtney Page paired up with Kaylee Hilton to have a sex scene with James Bartholet.

“I know you were wishing that was you,” Mullen tells Lee.

“When we originally talked about doing the movie you guys were talking to me about doing a sex scene as Jed,” Lee answers.

“I was fine to do that. I’ve done that plenty of times. I do that work a lot. But it didn’t bother me at all to not do that work. And when it was a scene that was pretty much handed off to James Bartholet, I thought he did a really good job. I just met him on this movie and he was really a great guy to work with. A real professional actor and I hope to work with him again on another movie. As a matter of fact I’m trying out for another movie that James will be in as well.”

Mullen explains that Bartholet had been nominated for an AVN Best Non-sex Performance and so the deal was, had Bartholet won the award [which he did as Bosley in Not Charlie’s Angels XXX], he’d be given a sex scene.

“We might have to do a bet with you too and put you in a starring role as far as sex,” Mullen tells Lee.

Mullen was of the opinion that Lee played Jed Clampett very well.

“Your life is nothing like Jed Clampett’s life as far as being a hillbilly,” Mullen observes.

“But you really played it well. You have some real acting chops.”

Lee said he’d love to do more features so people like Mullen won’t go, “‘Who the hell is Gary Lee?’”

Because there’s a MASH XXX poster staring over his shoulder, Lee’s asked about his military background.

“Coming out of high school my dad was emphatic about either go to college or go in to the military. But he didn’t want me to just go off and work in the oil fields or work in construction like all of my buddies.

“I wasn’t into college at the time so I did my service. It was great. I love the military and wouldn’t change anything about it except those guys work their asses off and don’t make any money. In the military you’ll always get by and never be homeless and living under a bridge, but you’ll never get ahead. I always wanted to be in a little bit different income level.”

Mullen was in absolute agreement about the contributions of the military.

“Right now they’re putting their ass on the line that’s for sure,” Lee added.

“I had a fairly easy military career but nobody was shooting at me like the guys are getting now so I do have to give my hand to those guys nowadays.”

Lee was asked if he had the hots for the mainstream actress, Haley Hewes who played the part of Granny.

“She’s my friend- it was strictly professional,” Lee answers.

“I consider her one of the people on the set I made friends with. She’s a real nice lady. Her and her boyfriend were talking about coming up to my neck of the woods. They were talking about coming up there and seeing a few of the vineyards. I think she did a phenomenal job especially with Granny’s voice.”

For the fans benefit, Mullen points out that a real Ford Model T 1926 Roadster was used in the title sequences.

Lee gave a shout to Tim from the light crew who modified the vehicle to accommodate Granny’s rocker.

“He had it in his back yard and actually built that. I thought he did a very good job on that. I thought it was fantastic.”

Scott David was also singled out for his uncanny ability to ferret out costumes and props.

“I didn’t drive the car,” explains Lee.

“But it’s the magic of Hollywood that we were actually in a studio in Canoga Park not Beverly Hills.”

According to Lee another porn actress from Paso Robles, Payton Leigh, has done a number of Partridge Family porn parodies for Mullen and David, as well as Not Married With Children XXX.

“She worked for me before she worked for you guys,” Lee mentions.

“We worked together several times. She’s a really nice girl and a good actress.”


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