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A Good Story is Worth Repeating: What the Cards Hold for July

from – Like Hallmark, I have cards to suit all occasions.

There are Tarot cards, regular playing cards, mood cards that in one word sum up a current situation or problem. There are cards that indicate whether you’re on the verge of a psychotic break down. And there are cards that are just plain beautiful to look at, like museum works of art. Like the ones Brandy Alexandre gave me designed by Salvador Dali.

For common, every day use, though, I rely on the Rider-Waite deck which is probably the best, the most literal, and, hence, the easiest deck to read for the neophyte.

A few years ago I was invited to an unveiling of a modernized, new generation Waite deck designed by the great-grandson of Arthur Waite. I’ve yet to see those cards on the market, and they certainly were more contemporary and a vast improvement over the traditional deck. It’s truly a shame and a loss if they’re never made available to aspiring readers.

I’ve also noticed that Senator Mike South has been poking fun and making whimsy with the Tarot and my readings as though this were some Criswell goof. I wonder if the good Senator has ever seen the Amicus film, Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors? It’s about strangers [Christopher Lee being one] who meet on a train, and have their Tarot cards read by a mystery man [Peter Cushing]. They all laugh and scoff, thinking it’s one big cosmic joke.

Trust me, from 30 years of doing this, there are things not to be questioned, trifled with or dismissed. Over the past two weeks I’ve been receiving a strong death vibe. A day after it began, came the announcement of the passing of Denny Recob of CAVR.

But the vibe continued. This past weekend my brother died. Someone else I know will pass away. It looks like within five to the next seven days. I also hear the words, “the poor widow…the poor widow” being repeated over and over again. I also see problems having insurance claims resolved. I think we’re going to see that drama played out on the Internet.

This is one I don’t like. Someone goes to a wedding reception and has a car accident on the way home. Maybe that’s the insurance claims-thing that I’m seeing. The same holds true for porn parties- be careful driving.

> The overall “mood” card which affects Senator Mike South’s current status is “turkey” [I am not making this up] which signifies that someone is behaving stupidly. The Tarot card equivalent is The Fool which means you’re acting indiscriminately and at risk of being led down the garden path by flatterers, connivers with a hidden agenda and out and out liars.

Fact from fiction will be hard to determine. Will Senator Mike be played for a fool? Betrayals in partnerships are seen. I also see something involving head trauma. It could be something as simple as hitting your head on a car door as you’re getting out of the driver’s or passenger’s seat. Migraine-type headaches are involved. Does Senator Mike know someone who’s suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

> As we head into July, the overall mood card for the adult industry is “Carriage”. Like the wagon trains heading West, or a mythical visit to Shangri-La, it signifies a journey either physical or mental. I previously mentioned a downsizing in the works for a lot of companies, and now we’re going to have announcements of moves to smaller headquarters, changes of address, replacements of company personnel and other euphemistic behavior characteristic of cost cutting. It’s no longer a matter of luxury but one of necessity.

> The words “Fade to Black” also come up. There will be one or two companies that’ll shut down permanently as the final curtain is brought down on their operations.

> Someone is hanging by a thread and a well wisher throws a benefit.

> One of the female performers is going to have her tats lasered off.

> Monstar and Tanya Tate just got married and Sunny Lane announced an engagement, which I predicted during the month of June. We’ll hear the same news involving another porn performer. Consequently, July will be a very favorable month for beginning new relationships, both amorous and business. If that man or woman strikes your fancy, go for it. Work place romances are in the offing.

> By the same token, strong emotions fuel passionate love or hate, so we’re likely to have a good gossip month as it relates to domestic squabbles and entanglements. Divorce is in the works for one longtime couple.

> Is another porn studio up for sale? I feel it coming.

> And, if, for instance, a company is sharing a lease with several other companies, one of those companies is likely to renege on their share of the rent. I’m still waiting for the prediction to come true about a philandering husband being kicked out of the house by his wife. I can’t always nail the time frame, but that vibe extends into July.

> Someone is about to be diagnosed with lip or throat cancer. I see this happening in July.

> One performer has had too many plastic surgeries and it’s finally going to take its toll. We’re talking physical complications.

> Is one of the female porn performers having a fling with an NBA star? We’ll find out soon enough. That may be the Anthony Weiner vibe I saw last reading where a performer was going to be linked to an Internet scandal.

> One of the porn company bigwigs takes a job in the mainstream. Think Google, Facebook, something along those lines.

> Darrah Ford writes on – “Thank you everyone for supporting me through the years and your friendship has meant a lot. I’ll be back one day but I can’t right now after something has happened at home. ” She must know something the cards don’t.


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