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A Must Read: Interviews Capri Cavanni; Why She Had to Change Her Name

from – Dave Kingsley of recently spoke to Porn Star Capri Cavanni and found out a little about her successful career in porn despite one major set back and her love of overwhelming love of animals. Capri also shared some advice to the new crop of girls out there who are thinking of breaking into porn.

Dave Kingsley: So, in an interview I read recently, from back 2007, you thought about getting into porn, but you got cold feet. How did you strike up the courage to finally do it?

Capri Cavanni: I looked into it for a long time. So, I thought about it for about six months, and I wanted to move from Vancouver to somewhere really warm, and I dropped for Playboy already and once it was the Playboy shoot that made me realize that it wasn’t going to be so hard. And I was already a model and so I just irrationally got in my car and drove down.

DK: Oh, that’s cool! And, it was one of those things where you just kind of packed up and you, you decided, it’s like okay. This is what I’m going to do.

Capri: Pretty much yeah! I got a hold of LA Direct Models, and showed them my online portfolio from my mainstream modeling. And, the owner, Derek Hay asked me to get on a plane, so initially, I came down for a couple of days just to try and realized it wasn’t so bad. And went back home and then packed up my bags and came down.

But you know it was a process so it took me about six months to finally work up the courage to do it, but I wanted to move down here. So that was my main motivation was, what am I going to do to pay for my immigration and support myself solo out here? And I wanted to try it because I wanted to sleep with girls!

DK: It’s kind of interesting because you’re coming up from Canada down to the United States. Did you do a lot of research before coming to the States, or was it kind of one of those things where you spoke with people? And just kind of building your resources before going to Los Angeles in the United States?

Capri: Well about a year prior to coming down to LA I started doing research. I chose two of the best representatives for girl-girl work, and I got a hold of a woman (who’s out of business actually) and she’s the one who actually told me about a few different agencies. And I communicated with her for a couple of months, and then when I finally decided, okay now is the time.

She went out of business, and she was the one who recommended me to go to Derek Hay with LA Direct Models…I don’t remember her name, but she’s the only woman that I actually asked any questions about, anything to, other than that I really didn’t look into it that much.

DK: Aside this connection as well, did you actually have any mentors before getting into the industry or actually in the beginning?

Capri: No.

DK: So basically: cold feet going in?

Capri: Yep. Pretty much.

DK: And for you now when looking back, was it something that you’re thankful for? That you had it kind of the hard way?

Capri: I wish that I had . . . well I’m happy with the way I did everything, because everything worked out quite well. So I guess I am thankful that I did it the way that I did. I don’t think any girl can become fully prepared in this industry no matter how much they try or how many questions they ask, it all comes from experience. And without those experiences you don’t really grow, I guess.

DK: Another interesting thing is you came from Vancouver. What do you miss about your home province now that you’re in the United States?

Capri: So much. The food up in B.C., I don’t know if it’s across Canada, but where I’m from, the food is healthy, clean. It’s just so much better. Food is the biggest thing and the people. Just the general atmosphere and the people. Where I’m from everyone’s very polite, very well spoken. Even if they’re not well educated, they’re still very polite.

And I find that the people here in Los Angeles are rather abrasive. A lot of people here are really all for themselves. There’s a lot of loyalty where I’m from. And, it also could just be who I was surrounded by. Being from a big city, the people are much different at home. Just that’s my main thing, when I went home last march I really noticed it.

I noticed how aggressive I have become, being out here, driving with people and getting answers versus at home. Everybody’s very polite and calm, so much of a different atmosphere. But the food especially, that’s my biggest thing. I miss our food.

DK: Another thing that you mentioned that I thought was very interesting was loyalty. Now going to Los Angeles—it’s a dog eat dog environment there. Now bringing what you have inside, loyalty and all that. Have you kind of built a good, solid base for yourself to continue your success in Los Angeles with your loyalty and background here?

Capri: I would hope so! Because I am extremely loyal to those around me and those who do business with me. It hasn’t really been reciprocated by a lot of people here so I have… I’ve kind of pulled back from a lot of people and stuff, but I think that the way that I am it doesn’t really help me out here.

Because I just end up getting, not walked on, but if I place my loyalty into something I am 100% committed, I don’t get that in return, that’s what I mean about the difference of people here. So if I were to be more like everyone here and not give a fuck, and then I’m sure things would probably be a lot easier. But that’s not my general demeanor.

DK: Now being in the industry for a number of years what are some aspects of it that you really like?

Capri: Well I’ll start off by saying the money obviously. The money is great, not having to work very often. Not having to have a normal Monday through Friday 9 to 5 job. So I think that’s the best thing is my freedom. I have my freedom, and I make very good money, I’m very comfortable, I live very comfortably, and I get to have sex with great people, which is obviously a bonus. I get to meet a lot of really beautiful women, and I’ve made a lot of cool friends. And the sex is good, and I love taking photos. So there are so many pros to the industry for me.

DK: You’re a dog lover and I’ve read that you have two of your own. Can you tell us a little about their breeds and how did you get them?

Capri: Yeah, so my oldest one her name is Yoko, and she’s an American pit-bull—I got her when I was only 21. And she’s come back and forth from Canada with me. She’s like my child pretty much. She’s from a kennel. She used to come to work with me. When I worked, I managed an animal hospital. She would come to work with me everyday and she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

My other one, I love her too. She’s a rescue. When I moved down here I was online looking for a French bulldog. And I wanted to get a little boy and name him Lennon. So I had Yoko and Lennon, I just thought that was funny. And I ended up stumbling upon a picture of this particular puppy that looked really sick. I called this girl and she said she couldn’t take care of it because it was sick. I have veterinary background and I already could tell the puppy was not in the best hands.

So I drove down from the valley all the way to Compton. Not knowing I was in Compton. And walked up and before I left Canada I brought home what I brought with me a bunch of medications from the hospital in case my dog got sick because vet bills are ridiculous, and I can’t justify paying them. Because I know the overhead and it’s not very much. So I brought back a bunch of medications, so I left her a message saying I can help you with your puppy and can bring you medications. Because I have such a solid heart for animals, I just can’t help it.

So I drove down to Compton amd I get out of my car, walk up to her car, she unrolls her window like 6 inches and hands me this puppy, and this puppy was no bigger than a remote control. It was tiny, and covered in poop. Not healthy at all. And she drove away and that was it. And I called her right away and said I think there was miscommunication. She didn’t understand what miscommunication meant.

And that was that, and I actually tried giving the dog to my director friend [Barret Blake] and he had her for maybe 18 hours. And calls me, “Capri, come pick up this dog. I can’t handle it.” But she had no teeth when I bought her. Her teeth were coming in she such was a puppy.

nd she bonded instantaneously with my pit-bull. So now I have a five-pound wire hair Chihuahua that looks like Splinter from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She and the pit bull are best friends though.

DK: What things would you really like to accomplish in the next few years in your career?

Capri: Well this year I want to get another AVN nom. I got nominated the year before. That would be cool. Getting the award would be even better, but just being nominated is good. Penthouse Pet, that’s one thing I really want. One of my biggest goals. And Hustler Honey. Okay, Penthouse Pet, Hustler Honey, those are my biggest things and just to continue on my website and brand myself.

DK: What is the importance of branding and marketing yourself?

Capri: It makes you who you are. You need to make a name for yourself and you need to brand yourself. I think it’s really important but it’s hard to do. Especially in this industry because there is so much competition and so many people. And there’s never going to be another Jenna Jameson. She like kind of set the bar.

DK: Now looking in your case, you’ve done very well for yourself. You’ve been in the industry for a while and it does justice to how much work you’ve put in. But without going into too much detail what have you done specifically to really brand and position yourself in the industry and make yourself really known?

Capri: Well initially with my website, it used to be [CapriCavalli].com my name was to be Capri Cavalli and that’s when I was really pushing the whole branding trademark. And that’s how I ended up getting myself in trouble actually. Was trying to trademark my name Capri Cavalli got me into almost a lawsuit with Roberto Cavalli…And, that put a big that stopped a lot for me.

I put in a trademark application, and after a year and a half of denials and appealing I got a huge cease and desist from him stating that I had to shut down and change my name, shut down my site, and all of this. So everything that I was starting got pushed really quickly. And then I got a little bit discouraged after that. And I opted to try out school.

I put myself through a nursing program, and since the incident happened with him, I haven’t pushed to brand myself with this new name. I relaunched the site, I did that, and I’m still working on it but he put a big damper on my parade.

DK: It was obviously very tough time for you, but what did you learn from that particular situation?

Capri: Research things before you attempt to trademark them! Even though I did, I paid somebody to do it, but they didn’t do their job properly. So do it yourself. I think the best way to get things done is to just do it yourself and that’s actually what I learned.

DK: Social media has been huge, especially Twitter. What have you been doing through social media to get through to people out there?

Capri: Twitter is great. Twitter is actually amazing. I use Twitter, and Facebook, and I push my website and any new movies that I’ve been in or [scenes] that have been released by the big online companies. Everything gets posted to Twitter from my account. It automatically links to my Facebook account, so it updates that.

DK: Is there any other social mediums that you’re experimenting with at the moment?

Capri: No. Oh! Instagram, This is the weirdest thing. I had a phone that was stolen from me a year ago and all the pictures that were on that phone are on an Instagram that I don’t have access too. So anyways, I restarted another Instagram so that’s one thing I need to get on. But I don’t like how they own your photos. I just don’t see the point in being on Instagram when there’s things like Facebook and Twitter. But then again I have to look at it from different people’s point of view.

DK: What’s your favorite sexual position and why?

Capri: …So it’s me on my back but my legs swung over sideways and then from behind. Well sort of behind, it’s hard to describe. It’s one of those easier done than said. And why I like it the best is because I am able to relax, lie down on my back, and have an orgasm. And it’s the best for me.

DK: And you found this kind of position basically one day when you were trying it out?

Capri: It was on set. Yeah on set some guy threw my legs up, threw them over, and then kept going and I was like, oh, okay. That works!

DK: Now what would you describe as a perfect date for you?

Capri: Someone who entertains me. People think I’m weird for saying this but going to the zoo, or an aquarium. It’s probably the funnest thing someone can take me to go do. Yeah, I like animals so much. They interest me so much more than people and I can talk about them so much for hours and hours and I can answer so many questions about them. Animals have been my thing since I’ve been a child. That’s all I’ve been about. Animals and flowers.

DK: And flowers?

Capri: Botanical gardens, I really enjoy those…we had this place called the Butchart Gardens in Victoria and it’s just fucking beautiful. Just beautiful! I love flowers and animals. So I think like the zoo or an aquarium, but a man probably wouldn’t want to go to a botanical garden! I wouldn’t put that in there. That wouldn’t be much fun. But I think the zoo would be the funnest date.

DK: In your experience what has been the craziest sexual adventure or experience that you’ve been involved in?

Capri: I don’t think there’s been just one because I like public sex a lot. So I have a lot of crazy stories about having sex everywhere.

DK: Nothing that you know kind of pops out in your mind that you really just had an amazing experience?

Capri: Actually I think probably one of the best ones was getting caught. Once, my boyfriend and I had sex in one of the change rooms at Fredrick’s on Hollywood… I’ll never forget that one but that’s because I got a nasty look from one of the ladies when she saw us walk out because she knew. Oh god! Oh it was so good!

DK: What kind of advice would you give a girl going into porn, or thinking of going into porn in 2013?

Capri: That you can always go forward but you can never go backwards. So choose wisely. And choose your agent, and to choose whom you hang out with, whom you’re seen with, and I think to establish a very small, but loyal team around you that will help you, and not hurt you. Kind of impossible to do with this industry. It’s really difficult, but I think that like if people had told me, if I knew when I had first started with about Derek Hay would I have signed with him? Definitely not. But did he help my career? Yes, he did.

Yeah, new girls, I do tell them you can always go forward but you can never go backwards. Don’t start at a low rate. Don’t start with anal; don’t give it all up at once. Wait it out. Look I’ve met some girls that are 19 years old doing these anal scenes and I just sit there and go what the fuck are you doing? Crazy! So my advice is just to go slow.

DK: Do you have a fetish? Kind of a secret fetish? And if you could tell us a little bit about that?

Capri: You know I don’t. I’m so vanilla. Yeah, I really don’t have any kind of fetishes or anything like that. I like really rough sex. I like soft sex. I don’t like being tied up or anything like that…it’s a big no no with me.

DK: What are your thoughts on the Internet in general? You think it’s destroying porn or really helping it?

Capri: Yep. I think it’s destroying it because when I go on tube sites and I find the content the content that’s supposed to be only available on my fucking website and I find it on YouPorn but I know that these people are not paying for it. And I’m busting my ass, doing my shooting, doing all my stuff, paying for everything, putting it up on my website for my members and people are ripping it off, and I’m not making any money off of it.

People don’t want to buy DVDs anymore. They’re stealing porn off the Internet, so I think the Internet has definitely ruined the industry. It has helped it obviously, but the tube sites and stuff like that just killed it.

DK: And now we are with that topic that’s kind of interesting too that you mentioned it. What are some other Canadian porn stars that you really admire out there?

Capri: Nicki Benz; she’s one of them. She’s put a lot of time in the industry and she’s been in it a long time. I think she’s from Toronto. And [Charla Styles], she’s from Alberta, I believe. Both of them have put in a lot of time and given a lot of dedication to the industry.

DK: Thanks for your time today Capri. It was a pleasure speaking with you!

You can connect with Capri via Twitter @CapriCavanni.


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