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A Whistleblower Called a Foul on Fabian

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The German paper Die Welt which has been on top of the Fabian Thylmann story reports [translated into fractured English]:

The Manwin Group… operates with the most clicks sex websites in the world. Belong to the Empire “Youporn”, “Pornhub”, “DELETED” and the German Amateursexportal “My Dirty Hobby”. Some 1,000 people work for the group of companies Manwin. You build pages that are called about 16 billion times a month.

This network of more than 35 companies headquartered in Luxembourg. It has offices and subsidiaries as well as in Canada, Cyprus, USA, Ireland, the UK – and even here in the Hamburg Notkestraße. How to learn from the environment of the company is, the investigators seized in the raid not only computers and documents, but also ordered individual employees for questioning. They are particularly interested in the opaque network of companies and of who runs what sex site from where, and where its revenue.

At the same time investigators raided the private quarters of the CEOs and owners of Manwin. The 34-year-old German, Fabian Thylmann, was arrested later in the week, according to prosecutors in Belgium and waiting for his extradition to Germany .

In charge of the investigation, the prosecutor Cologne focusing on economic crime. It cooperates with the tax investigation Rhineland-Palatinate. “There is a suspicion of tax evasion,” said the spokesman for the prosecutor Cologne. There must be considerable sums, because the prosecution has made Aachen the procedure specifically to the specialists from Cologne.

The company Manwin group was not reached for comment on Tuesday. Neither the headquarters in Luxembourg or in the Hamburg branch of the phone picked up. A request by mail also remained unanswered.

The “Welt am Sonntag” was described in detail in September in a cover story, the international porn empire by Fabian Thylmann. In the dossier, it was also about irregularities in the company’s design, empty offices at headquarters and the testimony of former employees. In sum, through these oddities could the suspicion of tax evasion have emerged.

Thylmann has let then prohibit certain aspects of reporting a preliminary injunction. The editors of the “world” group has filed an objection. A decision of the court is for 19 Announced in December.

End of October, an informant who reported Manwin apparently knows very well from the inside, in the tax investigation and filed a complaint. The document is the “World.” In the heart of the matter, which the subsidiary Amateursexportal “My Dirty Hobby” really operates. The Cypriot Colbette Holdings Limited, as Manwin CEO Fabian Thylmann affidavit. Or the hamburger “Manwin Germany GmbH”, as it says in the ad. Here would be the suspected fraud, formulated the whistleblower. “The Colbette Holding is merely existing on paper.”

Whoever runs the site. It’s about a lot of money. Internal company documents suggest that only the portal “My Dirty Hobby” in the month converts approximately 2.5 million euros. The customer must pay with Internet currency “Dirty Cents” for the films consumed. “Dirty Cents” he buys with real euros.

The sex-page work again so that “amateurs” register and can adjust their self-produced porn film. Which is controlled from the Hamburg branch. The ad states: “From the moment about 15,000 registered amateurs from Germany about 5000 are really active.” Few would have a trade account, it could tip earners monthly up to 15 000 euro earn their films.

Interestingly, there is another point: on the payroll of the amateurs, of which several of the “world” s, as the sender Colbette Holdings is listed, although the letters are stored in the computer of the Hamburg GmbH. Where invoices stated that the Cypriot tax is deducted by 17 percent – while living and working women and couples mainly in Germany.

The “Welt am Sonntag” had in their research on Cyprus Ltd no operational facilities for Colbette Holdings. can find. Also the headquarters of the holding company in Luxembourg was orphaned when visiting reporter.

If and when Fabian Thylmann is transferred to Germany, the Cologne public prosecutor could not tell on Monday. The Manwin-sex sites at night were still in operation.


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