About Her Scene with Mr. Marcus, Amber Peach: No Comment

Web girl Amber Peach was a guest of The Wanker Show, Wednesday night on KSEX and immediately raised some suspicions about a scene she had with Mr. Marcus. Peach, who has been in the industry about a month, would not comment on rumors that she might have had physical complications after the scene. Otherwise, Peach was pretty forthcoming.
“I needed money and I like sex,” she said explaining her reasons for getting into porn. “That’s the perfect job.” Peach stripped for awhile but said it isn’t her thing. “And I was in Alabama, too,” she said as if that explained it all. Wankus said at least she didn’t have to deal with an Iranian owner which is all that you have in Los Angeles.

“And Russian- that’s the new wave.” Peach said she worked for a Russian guy and quit on him after two days. Wankus was curious if he sent the mob after her. “He gave me the you can’t leave yet- you’re shift’s not over. And if you leave you can’t come back. Ooh, damn.”

Peach, who’s from Alabama, said she got a wild hair up her ass and decided to drive to California. Peach’s southern origins were sources of untold amusement for Wankus who continually poked her with the hillbilly music asides. Peach said she was here about a month and nothing was happening so she said screw it, and went to World Modeling. Asked if Junior had a go with her, Peach said no but she thought he was kind of cute.

Peach’s first scene was with Mr. Marcus, asked if she enjoyed it, Peach, after hesitating, said it was okay. Judging by her response, Wankus had the idea she was hiding something. “No comment,” she insisted. Wankus told her you can’t say that on a radio station. “That’s what you do- you comment.”

Judging by the “smirking” Wankus said he could tell Peach was hiding something. “I don’t talk bad about people,” said Peach who gave a couple of no-comments when asked about her scene with Mr. Marcus. Asked if she did anal, Peach did comment, saying yes but that she’s restricting it for her website. “I would rather pick the people I do anal with.”

Peach said she doesn’t do gangbangs but indulges spanking and being tied up. “I’m very passive.” Peach said if she has a five-year porn career, she’d be happy and that she’s trying to get a website up by October 1, amberpeachxxx.com. Peach said her whole family knows what she does except for her parents. “But I’m going to tell them before Thanksgiving because my mother will beat the hell out of me, basically. But my cousins support me,” said Peach who’s an only-child. “Well, most of them do.”

Asked if her father would have a tough time with it, Peach said he reads Playboy and watches the channel but that she’s trying to tell him before he sees her on it. Discussing her growing up, Peach said she went to a private school for most of her life. “That kind of ruined me.” Peach was 13 when she first had sex [it was a revenge fuck to spite her boyfriend] and was 14 when she sucked cock.

Peach was 13 when she had her first girl experience. “She was a year younger than me.” Peach said that was one of the longer relationships of her life.

Wankus kept pressing the issue with Peach as to what happened in her scene with Mr. Marcus, claiming the rumor was that she had to make a pit stop at AIM immediately afterward. Meaning, did one situation have an affect upon another? Peach claimed, no, that she had to go there anyway for a regularly scheduled visit. Asked if she had suspect test results, Peach again said, no comment.




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