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Adult Stars Give Their Take on “Contracts”

(PORN VALLEY, CA) — Top Pro Talent’s story about the advantages and disadvantages to being contracted as an adult star has garnered responses from talent in the industry. We’d like to also hear from movie companies, but for now, enjoy some of the responses from adult stars we know and love.
Calli Cox writes:

I think that being a contract girl definitely has its pros and cons. It is beneficial if you want to go on the road and feature dance. You can’t beat the publicity and promotion you get as a contract girl. If you have a family or are going to school, I think it is smart to be a contract girl.

The negatives are that you don’t make as much money. You don’t get to work with certain people.

I think that the contract favors both the company and the performer a little bit, although I would never sign one.

Editor’s Note: So, I think we can assume that Calli finds more Cons then Pros in this situation.

– – –

Tawny Roberts writes:

The thing with a contract is you have to be in the top %5 of the Industry for it to benefit you. You can’t go out on the road dancing and say that your under exclusive contract with Elegant Angel. Who cares?! That will be the response from the club owner. Nothing bad about Elegant, but that wont help your dance rate or name.

You really have to be under contract with one of the “BIG” companies, unless you already have a name.
Once your name is established, than you can hold the cards. But, all your money comes from being on the road…

SO, if your a girl in the industry that loves to fuck, and want to make her money shooting 100 scenes a year, than a contract isn’t for you. But if you want to make your money on the road, dancing 20 weeks out of the year and try to build a solid name, than maybe its for you.

The problems that your hearing with all these contract girls are all coming from the “little companies.” Now the fact that I use “little” and “big” has nothing to do with how much money the owner is making, it’s public Image.

Sign a contract with a gonzo company, and your going to have these problems. It’s not all the companies fault, I’m not saying that. But these companies can only sign certain girls, and with these girls come the “problems” that your seeing….

– – –

Mary Carey writes:

I definitely feel being under contract is very beneficial to a girl who is looking at the porn industry to be a long term career. If a girl is with the right company they can get a lot of publicity and this will help them in the long run if they want to feature dance and have a website.

I came into the industry with the plan to make this my career and I hope to be apart of the adult industry for a long time. If a girl is looking to just make some quick cash for a year and get out and does not want to be recognized as a porn star than a contract would not be beneficial for her.

I am very happy being under contract and with Kick Ass Pictures. I feel it is beneficial to both of us. A girl needs to find a company that will work with them and give them a say.

I am into comedy and Kick Ass lets me show that side of me and they let me have a say in what I do.

Love, Mary Carey

Chris Conner of the Sports Swami Radio Show writes:

I just read your column and I agree with your assessment whole heartedly. As the producer and on air talent for the Sports Swami show on, I have gotten to know a lot of the top women in the industry. I have been fortunate to have interviewed the likes of Jill Kelly, Jewel DeNyle, Christi Lake, Lisa Lipps, Jacklyn Lick, Aurora Snow, Justine Romee and Samantha Sterlyng to name a few. And it was during the time that I have slowly but surely learned about the industry and contracts.

In some ways the way adult film industry and boxing have a lot in common in that many companies have their favorite contract stars and others are held down. From one source close to the dealings some companies like JKP and Metro have their favorites who they take care of. Other companies like Platinum X and Elegant Angel use all the girls that come through the door. What this all comes down to is the marketability of the star and how much talent she or he has. In boxing Oscar De La Hoya is the golden goose of Top Rank and has become nearly bigger than the sport. Meanwhile Jenna Jameson has become bigger than Wicked Pictures and has branched out on her own. The problem I have seen is that certain companies like Wicked, Elegant Angel, Metro and Sin City run the way the women are paid. So you have your rich, the small middle.. and everyone else fighting for table scraps. Anyway I would like to congratulate you on an excellent show on KSEX and keep up the great work on the web site.

Chris Connor


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