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AdultConJob – AdultFYI Banned From Event

[ADULTFYI EDITORIAL] – LOS ANGELES, CA – Okay, I’ll admit it. I sold out. As Gene would say, I did too much ‘Ball Sucking.’ Not literally of course, but in regards to Renaud West, I may as well have.
Countless people I respect and trust warned me about this guy and as sleazy as I suspected he was, I always ignored the warnings, hoping Adultcon would get its act together and be a fantastic fan-base show, where all could profit and reap some benefits.

Quite frankly, the event does bring in a good number of porn fans, but the headaches from founder West, isn’t worth the appearance.

In my opinion, this is an annoying man who uses his used car salesman like tactics, combined with a seemingly fake smile, over worn suit and high volume of cologne to persuade people into thinking he’s one hell of a guy. The way I see it, he doesn’t come through on promises, he negotiates his 4x4ish spaces like he’s closing on a house in Beverly Hills and having to deal with him by telephone or e-mail is one big pain in the ass.

We all tolerate a lot of people because it’s in our best interest to network among industry associates, but once and a while you just have to say, “Fuck it…we’re going our separate ways.”

That time has come for me.

Recently Renaud sent e-mails to asking why we didn’t post his recent press release. We kindly responded, as we do to all who ask such a question, “TPT receives many press releases a day and based on what’s on the list of important things to cover that fits in with that day’s editorial direction or timeliness of a story, we make decisions whether or not to print a given story. At that time, your release didn’t fit into the game plan for the day but please do not hesitate to send releases for posting in the future.” Today West wrote:

You have run pr releases from everyone including, internetpalooza.
You have chosen to NOT run Adultcon press releases as is your right.
The staff at Adult Industry Entertainment will take your action as a decision to sever our contact. As such, we want to inform you that you will NOT be admiited into Adultcon as is our right. I am certain your life will go on without admission to Adultcon as Adultcon will grow without your web site.

There are no hard feelings on our part and wish you luck.
This is a business decision.

Should you decide to cover our event with the same and equal respect as you show the others businesses, let us know. thank you.

To this I laugh. Here is a man that thinks he’s on a campaign trail for California Governor and deserves equal time. Also, even after I spelled it out very clearly and kindly for him, he says by not running a press release, that I did so to sever contact with his company.

Is anyone laughing as hard as I am right now and not just at his grammar?

As a result, he is also not allowing me to attend Adultcon. Are you fucking kidding me? Do you have any clue how this all works Renaud?

Continually pissing people off in the industry is not going to help your road to success in this business. I know, I know, you’ve told me before, including once at a dinner I took you too that you “don’t care about the people in the adult industry.” Isn’t what you said, “I don’t need them. My event gets bigger and better every time and as long as the fans keep coming and paying admission, the industry doesn’t matter.”

Well, to a certain extent you’re right, but only to a point. The girls don’t make as much money as you claim. Not all of them are happy when the event is finished. Many people complain of not getting what they were promised, [I have personal experience with that one] and word is spreading NOT to be a vender or participant in a Renaud West event. has turned it’s back on you, Christi Lake won’t attend your events after horrible experiences, Don Hollywood tried to make nice nice with you and you shunned him, scattered other adult stars that I won’t name unless they ask me to won’t come back, and now, one of your biggest public supporters, is pulling from your shows as well.

AdultFYI obviously isn’t given a choice, we’re told that we cannot attend. That means Gene Ross and Wayne Lewis won’t be doing any pre or post coverage for you. Luke Ford never goes, Scott Fayner won’t go unless there are free drinks and dogs allowed, I’ve never seen Jimmy D there, Mike South a no show, Mike of doesn’t cover it either. AVN stops by just out of curiosity, but usually doesn’t cover the event. They may print a press release or two.

So…do you still not need any support from the industry? Only time will tell, but the way you’re going, you may find out sooner then you think that respecting those who help put money in your pocket is the only way to not only succeed, but have allies around to help you succeed again.

Look at it this way…you finally got a post on our site!




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