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AdultFYI Goes Deep Inside Amy Fisher; Conversations with the Former Long Island Lolita

Amy Fisher says she doesn’t care what the mainstream has to say or write about her, as long as they include a sexy shot along with the story. Here goes…

Besides being built better than your average mid-Thirties sex goddess, Fisher strikes you as very nice, courteous and very personable – and far from being a Diva. But who knows. Perhaps the Diva imp lurks deep within. Anyways, it didn’t surface during our chat this week, though you can tell Fisher’s a laundry bag of gossip dying to air the soiled underwear.

She only goes so far in the relating of anecdotes, however, then she braces herself and mentally checks further comment at the door. So it’s logical to ask Fisher if she’s in the mood to write a tell-all about her experiences in the adult business. She says this isn’t going to happen, that she isn’t a book person.

I also get that impression when I ask her a couple of questions about her sex life and what it was like for her growing up – recollections which she tends to dismiss. Well, there goes another hilarious Amy Fisher episode out the window.

You also get the idea from reading about her, that Fisher’s written a couple of books, but she says no.

“There was one 20 years ago and they called it ‘my’ book,” she explains, noting that her lawyer at the time signed away her rights in perpetuity.

“I had nothing to do with that book. I was a 16 year-old kid, and they ended up putting my name on everything.” Which, of course, is another way of reading into the fact that Fisher got screwed big time.

“I hope he’s not your lawyer any more.”

“No,” she replies.

“So basically they sold the name Amy Fisher and it took 15 years to get my name back. They were all out to do whatever they wanted to me, so they basically created a monster and it was very tough for me.”

“That’s one of the reasons why I got into adult,” she continues. I felt like I could take control of who I am and show the world how beautiful and articulate I am and do it in a really sexy way. In a way it’s kind of like me bucking the system, too, because everyone says ‘porn is bad,’ but everybody watches it. It’s kind of like Prohibition where liquor was bad but yet everyone was still drinking and they had to reinstate it because the politicians wanted to get drunk.”

But if she were to write a book, Fisher has the perfect subject matter for it, but she shows little enthusiasm for such a project.

“I’m not a big fan of books,” she says flatly.

“I don’t like to read ‘em; don’t really don’t like to write ‘em, so I think I’ll stick with movie making. I’ll just enjoy adult entertainment and quietly retire.”

Which may not be possible when you’re still being referred to as The Long Island Lolita.

“There’s no way you’re going to fly under the radar.”

“When you’re doing porn, you want to fly right thought the radar,” Fisher replies.

“You want to sell your product and want the whole world to know about it. But once I’m done, that’s it. When you’re done, you’re done.”

Fisher has an eight picture deal and has already finished three movies. She’s not sure of the next release date but thinks it’ll be out before Christmas and that it will make a nice stocking stuffer. Her guess is as good as mine, I suppose, what the title will be.

“I was lucky enough to be able to pick all the people I worked with,” Fisher hastens to mention.

“The running joke in this business is the girl wakes up in the morning and she finds out who she’s going to be working with. Sometimes she’s happy. Sometimes she’s not. I always get to be happy and that’s a plus.”

Fisher says that people have treated her professionally and have been quite nice to her.

With Fisher being well known on both sides of the gossip fence, she’s asked if and when she’ll show up on Dancing with the Stars.

“It’s funny,” she says. “I actually got an offer way back in the day to go on the show for practically no money, when they were first launching it. I said I don’t know how to dance, and that was the end of that. At the time the show was nothing, a thought, a concept. They offered me something like $10,000 to go on for six weeks. I said no. Now they’re paying them like a half a million dollars. For a half a million dollars I’d grow wings and fly around the stage.”

Surprisingly, Fisher never got another call from the show, and no, she could care less about the Internet gossip sites or what’s being written about her or others.

“Because I know from my own experiences, it’s not real. It’s fabricated. Probably 99% of what you see is not real.”

Fisher relates another story about the time she was approached to do a few “reality” shows.

“They wanted me to go on and be a drug addict. I said I’m not a drug addict. Then they were launching another show. They came back and said we want you to be a sex addict. How many addicts do you want me to be? They’re got to cure everybody but they invent the problem. It’s not real.”

There’s also been many conflicting accounts about the sex tape Fisher did in 2007 which was marketed through Redlight District.

“I read all those conflicting accounts, too,” she laughs. “What exactly happened? You’re talking to the biggest idiot on the planet. I got involved with one of those so-called mainstream ‘producers’ who gave me a very large advance to sign with him.

“That [the tape] was one of the things in the contract in the little fine print. It was one of those Heidi Montag-type things, basically exploit yourself for a buck. They gave me a lot of money and I’m like the world doesn’t like me anyway and the money is good. The next thing we know I’m contracted to do a sex tape with Joey [Buttafuoco]. My husband almost fell off his chair, right? He went through the roof. The guy says, fine. Give me back my quarter of a million dollars and we’ll be on our way. I didn’t have it to give back to him.”

“That’s why Joey has his own sex tape,” she continues.

“I had my own sex tape, and the so-called producer was happy because he figured he’d make double the money. That’s why you see Joey with the same boxcover I had from the same company. That’s how that transpired.”

“At the time I was happy with the advance but when the sex tape came out, I thought it would be horrendous. I got to face family and everybody I know. It was embarrassing, but it ended up not being so bad because it made the public look at me in a different light. People were coming up to me saying you’re so hot instead of saying, oh, you’re that crazy girl from 20 years ago! It actually launched me into this. Without that, I would never have been here.”

“What kind of questions do your fans ask you?”

“It varies, people ask you all kinds of stuff,” Fisher says. “It’s all good, though. People are nice when they come up to you. I’ve never had a bad experience with somebody not being nice. But with the media not liking me, it’s surprising that everybody that comes up to me is nice. Adult media is. Mainstream media will never be, no matter what I do.”

Even so, Fisher will never shirk a mainstream interview request.

“I have a deal with them,” she explains.

“Say whatever you want, just put a hot photo next to it. Can’t beat them, join them. You can’t control what they say, and they used to really hurt me. They’d literally make up what they’d write.”

When that sex tape first came out, Fisher made the media rounds and wound up on the Stern show in what was her infamous walk off.

“Howard Stern is very nice and he lets all his little henchman sitting there do his dirty work,” she continues. “That’s the way he does things over there.”

Yes, Fisher stumped off but claims she had parameters agreed to ahead of time which were not followed.

“The whole thing is, that show’s like a roast and they just want to humiliate you. I figure if you’re going to humiliate me, pay for the privilege; if not, I’m outta here.”

Now that she’s an imminent porn star, Fisher has not been asked to go back and face the music but would only do so on the condition her husband, Louis Bellera, sits next to her.

“That they don’t want,” says Fisher.

“They want to get me alone so they can rip me to shreds. They do not want him sitting next to me which is really a detriment because the Howard Stern audience loves me. They do. I get so many letters, ‘go on Stern.’” [Bellera handles all her fan mail.]

“The only thing I do on my own is my Twitter,” she laughs. “I won’t let him near my Twitter.”

I mention to Fisher that if someone asked a couple of years ago what were the odds of getting a call from her, I wouldn’t have taken the bet.

“Too funny,” she says, adding that things are going “really, really well” for her, especially now that her first movie is out.

“How do I elaborate on really, really well?” Fisher asks.

“I’m just pretty happy with everything. I liked filming the movie [Deep Inside Amy Fisher]. I love my boxcover. That’s always a plus. I’m just kinda getting into it.”

Naturally I have to ask Fisher what was it with the mainstream writer [Nicole LaPorte] who was on the set of that movie harping how she got unceremoniously booted from the premises by Jay Shanahan. Or, at least, that’s how it came across.

“Was she getting on your nerves?” Fisher is asked.

“No, no not at all,” states Amy.

“My contract with Dreamzone Entertainment was that when the actual hardcore filming starts, all media has to leave. We had Inside Edition there, and they had no problem with it. I dunno. This woman took it as personal.”

“I wasn’t on set so I don’t know what was said,” Fisher continues.

“I don’t know if she got offended or whatever it was. Next thing I know there’s a story there. I go, oh boy. Guess that didn’t go too well.”

Which is a pretty plausible explanation, if you’ve ever been on porn shoots where some performers get a little spooked by press hovering over their naked bodies.

Fisher adds another explanation.

“They [Dreamzone] didn’t want anything leaking out prematurely about the hardcore footage until they wanted it out.”

Fisher says this all serves as an example of what she was saying earlier about the media making up crap.

“That woman [LaPorte] made stuff up. She said my husband was sitting in a thong. He goes what the hell is that? He was out sunning himself in a bathing suit, and not a Speedo. He’s like, I’m from Brooklyn. I don’t wear thongs.”

Another account offered about that shoot talks of how Fisher stepped into what she thought was the shallow end of a pool and went, literally, way in over her head causing a few hours downtime so she could get her makeup redone.

“It was one of those big mansions and I guess they got to do everything high tech there,” Fisher relates.

“The pool was gorgeous! Three steps and all of a sudden I just plummeted into about eight feet of water. It was funny. It was only my second day of filming and I wanted to make a good impression to the staff, the other stars and the people who were there. Of course I fall in and everyone’s laughing at me!”

Asked about her first sexual experience, Fisher only has this to say, “You’re not going to believe this. I was 16 then I completely dove into it.”

“What was the first time like?”

“Who the hell remembers- I’m getting old now. I really don’t remember. I had a little boyfriend in high school, and I started going out with him when I was 14. We did everything but have sex. So by the time we did it, it was like a continuation of everything else.”

“Were you into this guy?”

“I don’t know. Who remembers?” she repeats. “I was a kid.”


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