Porn News Exclusive: AVN Trophy Girl’s ‘Fear Factor’

Apparently the Starr Twins did more than kick their high heels off on stage at this year’s AVN Awards Show in Vegas where they appeared as trophy girls. While they’re no longer in the adult business, one of the twins- whose real name is Crystal- got pregnant by Fear Factor’s Joe Rogan. Those facts were revealed on the Howard Stern show Monday morning.
Twins Crystal and Jocelyn were both on Stern with Crystal explaining how she had an abortion six weeks-after-the-fact. Crystal said she met Rogan through Ron Jeremy. Rogan once got him on The Man Show along with Lou Ferrigno where they did a segment titled Guess the Ass Crack.

We spoke to Ron this morning and he offered the following details.

“Holy shit!” Jeremy exclaimed when told about what happened on the Stern Show. Jeremy seemed a bit surprised that Crystal wound up on the show and ambushed Rogan with her story. “What a shock to Joe to get this on the air.” Jeremy said all of this was news to him. “I knew that they had nookie but I didn’t know she was pregnant.”

Jeremy said he knows Crystal and Jocelyn very well, that they’re very good friends of his. “I met them through Lene Hefner many, many years ago when we all had dinner at Mark Carriere’s house,” Jeremy explained. “These are the two twins who had the Sin City contract.” Jeremy was hard pressed to think of their billing.

“And they worked for Metro,” he added. “I put them in a Metro movie in a blowjob scene with me. It’s Viva Ron Vegas. And then I did a full sex scene with them in a Hollywood Video movie, called Caught From Behinds. I directed the movie and I used the Peter Proctor character in honor of Hal Freeman. It had a good cast.” Jeremy thinks the twins may have worked for Metro on several different occasions, twice maybe for Mike Adams. Jeremy said they wanted a contract really bad and Metro was given the first option.

“Metro didn’t take it, then Sin City put them under contract,” Jeremy related, stating that the matter went as far as Metro’s corporate headquarters but they didn’t act upon it.

Jeremy also explained that Crystal had been in the business a couple of years earlier, sans Jocelyn. “She did scenes for Leisuretime and a lot of other companies,” he explained. According to Jeremy, Jocelyn had a steady boyfriend and didn’t want to be in the business. “Then a couple of years later they both wanted to do it as ‘the twins.’ ”

Jeremy also recalls having used them in another movie titled Going Down, Going Down at the Bunny Ranch for Lipstick Video. Jeremy also remembers them doing a scene together where they’ve shared a dildo. They kind of worked together but they made no contact. They did some Eskimo kissing and they shake their asses at the camera. It was on VH1. It had me in it along with Heidi Fleiss, Rick James, Lenny from Motorhead and a whole bunch of girls at the Bunny Ranch.

“Here’s the sad part,” Jeremy continued, “after all the money, promotion and advertising Sin City put into them, they just totally quit the business for comedy and mainstream-stuff. They really screwed Sin City over. They were very unhappy. I called the girls and said you gotta be kidding me [about quitting]. All you wanted from your adult career was a contract. You finally got one an now you want to quit?” Jeremy said they were supposed to do one final movie out of courtesy for all the money they spent on them.

[Sin City’s Tina Tyler said the twins only did the AAE show then split on them.]

Jeremy said the proposed movie was supposed to be with Bud Lee directing. “But it never happened. They just disappeared. It was a shock because they liked the business so much.” Jeremy said he’s still in touch with the girls on occasion but hasn’t heard from them in the last six months. The girls are from Dallas. Jeremy said he introduced the girls to Joe Rogan because Jeremy was doing some bit on the show. “Afterwards we all went out, including Phil Hartman. Phil kind of liked Crystal but she liked Joe.” Jeremy claims that he, the girls, Hartman, Rogan and a few other people went to a disco, Crystal leaving afterwards to join Joe. “Phil thought the girls were real cute. He enjoyed hanging out with Crystal. But she was interested in Joe and that ended that.”

Jeremy said the girls have crashed at his place when they’re out in L.A. but he kind of lost track of them. Jeremy remembers Crystal as being the one who was really into the business.

Asked if Hartmen ever banged Crystal, Jeremy said he didn’t think so. “He was a very sweet guy. Phil thought they were adorable. Had they been available I’m sure he would have. But he loved his wife so I can’t swear by that.”



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