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AFYI Exclusive: Max and Catalina Split

Porn Valley- I asked Max Hardcore, who was going to be his designated driver now that Catalina’s out of the picture. Max chuckled and said he has an ex-airline pilot who’s now doing that. My suggestion was that the pilot had better be equipped with maps, charts and access to the vodka supply of Eastern Europe in order to make it worth Max’s worthwhile. Which segues into the situation with Catalina. Using phrases like familiarity breeding contempt, Max, who was on L.A. Channel 5 Wednesday night to talk about the HIV situation, said it was time to move on as far as the Catalina situation was concerned.

“My only comment on that matter is that I want to have the freedom to explore my full potential,” said Max sounding like a subscriber to Cosmoplitan. “I felt in some ways I was being held back or stuck in time as it were.”

Max explains that Catalina had been on contract. “Like any couple or partnership, we had conflicts and disagreements about the way business or personal matters were being conducted,” Max added. “There were bound to be disagreements. Max suggested to Catalina that if she wasn’t satisfied with the way he was running things at Chateau du Max she was free to explore other possibilities.

According to Max, Catalina had been with him approximately 2 1/2 to 3 years but he also encouraged her to work for other people. “I always did that. Because I believe if a girl’s going to become a big star, it’s really better if she’s brought to the public in a wide variety of movies. She just finished a movie for Belladonna and she’s on the cover of that with belladonna. And I think it’s great. They have tremendous marketing muscle over there. Cat’s got a lot of potential. There’s no doubt about it but she’s very strong-willed and so am I. But over at Chateau du Max there’s only one boss-me.”

Max said he had no immediate plans to bring a new girl aboard. “If the right situation arises, we’ll make a move,” said Max noting that he’s had other girls under the Max hat brim including Barbi Angel andChloe Adams though Catalina enjoyed the longest run. “A sure way of destroying a good whore is put her on contract,” Max laughs. “But Catalina’s done a lot of good for our company. I have nothing but good things to say. She represented us very well and had become a world-wide name. We traveled Europe together, South America, etc., and she’s done a lot of good.”

Asked what there was about Catalina that made her a potential Max girl, Hardcore said it would be hard to pinpoint. “She has a good public persona and is very good at working the crowds at the conventions. And in the latter point of her career, we did a lot of scenes where we would break in a new girl and she was very good at making the girl comfortable and doing incredible stuff. She did it with aplomb.

Max didn’t argue with the perception that Catalina was none too happy with the decision. “When you go through life you have to make bold moves. I like to re-do myself every so often.” Max also pointed out that Catalina didn’t live with him. “That was the key to our longevity. But that helped. Being copped up in the same space no matter how big the house, to me, becomes a little oppressive. And I like to say that I enjoy my own company- a lot. And I also enjoy my privacy and quiet. That was in short suplly sometimes when Catalina was around.”

Max also notes that he did some additional company house-cleaning the beginning of the year with the parting of the ways of Shawn, Extreme’s former webmaster, who had gone to work on Max’s website. “Especially in the Internet business things change quickly,” Max notes. “We talked over the direction that we were heading and we had a disagreement over where I was going to take this company. I suggested that if he’s not happy, he take his expertise elsewhere and that’s exactly what he did. Sometimes you just got to put the cat out.”

I also asked Max about Tony Sexton and the fact that Sexton owed Max money from a phone bill. “I just wrote it off,” Max. said. “I tried to help the kid out but Tony is such a retard that it’s impossible to help.” Max said he gave Sexton a leg up in the beginning. “I gave him a boost when he first came into town. I saw him in Las Vegas. He’s a kid from Australia. He’s personable enough but like anyone who’s spent enough time with him, he gets to wear on you.”

Max said Sexton stayed over a month at the Chateau. “I have no contempt for the guy,” he states.”I just pity him more than anything else. What you hear and from what I’ve seen reported on him is purely representative of Tony’s personality. From someone who’s been around, take it from me, the guy doesn’t have all the bulbs in the appliance.”



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