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Alana Evans: Brian Surewood is Not a Murderer or a Monster; Industry Weighs in on Tragic Accident

The following posts are from a thread on ADT concerning the Brian Surewood case:

> Van Styles writes on ADT A very sad story all around. When I first heard of this I couldn’t believe it due to the fact I was on set doing stills for Vouyer Media yesterday Tuesday] and Brian Surewood was one of the talent hired for that day. And to realize that this happened right after he was done with the shoot is kind of mind blowing.

I have known brian for about 4 years and he was always a very polite well manared performer with all of the ladies he had worked with.
Its very sad to see this happen,but all in all it was a irresponsible act with such sad consequences.

> Alana Evans writes on ADT: Before we start making judgements and talking shit… I think we all should think about one thing… How many times have we ourselves been involved in road rage incidents that could have gone a similar way but didn’t.

LA is one of the most dangerous places to drive and live. People are always using their cars the start fights and cause trouble… everyday I deal with women and men speeding past me just so they can be in front of the pink car. It’s sad.

Last night I was coming home from the grocery store when some punk kid driver in a F150 came riding up my ass….2 feet away… and I was doing 40 as it was… I tap my breaks to tell him to back off and he dipped over to the right to speed past me… but I closed the small door and he flew right back behind me… I went to turn left at the next light… he flies past me screaming I’m a fat slut… ok… all because I din’t want him riding my ass. Was I wrong? I don’t think so but I guess you could say I could have been passive and moved out of his way so he could do 60… but I’d rather block him in so he can’t. Ironically, my man came into contact with the same kid further down the road in his own mustang and had a similar incident… some people are just prone to road rage.

I totally agree that shit happens and their fight was wrong, but I also know Brian very well and have a hard time believing that he would instigate or show any aggression in traffic. He’s a love spreading hippie with a huge heart and never says a bad word about anyone.

My condolences go to the family and I will pray for them… yes I do pray… Let’s hope no one else dies.

I will definitely be slowing down and letting little assholes just get their ego trip.

P.S.: Brian actually called 911 from the scene of the accident and only left because he thought he could. The people at the scene were more interested in the other driver who was most likely the instigater. When Brian saw the story on the news, He immediately turned himself in. He is a great person I’ve known for nearly 10 years. Chis and I support him and we’ll be there for him.

> Tricia Deveraux writes on ADT: The mom and her kids weren’t even in their car. The woman lost a leg because the driver hit a parked car so hard that it slammed into her as she was getting a baby bag out of her trunk. She was crushed. Her 4 year-old son has died.

Maybe I didn’t know Brian as well as some of the other industry people here who have posted, but I’ve seen him pretty fucking irate, and when he gets peeved, he has a tendency to get out-of-control angry.

I was horrified to learn that he left the scene of the accident. As it seems from the current information, he was one of the direct causes of that child dying.

> jrv writes on ADT: A couple of things to keep in mind:

Brian didn’t hit anything so he was well down the road when the collisions occured. By the time he stopped to look back he was likely a few hundred feet away.

In a road rage situation you *do* *not* go back if the other guy is up and moving around. It’s way too dangerous. You call 911 and keep your distance if he seems not badly injured. This means Brian may not have realized anyone else was even involved, let alone seriously injured. He should have hung around down the road until the cops arrived, but it’s not that surprising he didn’t view himself as a participant in that accident.

(About 15 years ago some nut was chasing me for who knows what reason and I ended it by going fast into an abrupt curve I was familiar with that I knew my RX-7 could handle but his pickup(!) could not – no way did I go back to the scene. I found a pay phone down the road – we had those back then – and called the Sheriff)

(that’s another point – it doesn’t take two to make for a road rage incident – I certainly never thought of myself as a participant – the pickup driver did everything by himself)

Murder requires “malice”, not necessarily intent. “Reckless disregard” for consequences can imply malice even without intent. “Depraved indifference for human life” can imply more. Where this falls depends on case law in CA, whether he viewed himself as merely trying to shake an aggressor, etc. Either way Brian’s in serious trouble, and someone is dead.

> Alana Evans comments: As this point everything almost everyone is saying is complete speculation. Many of us who care about Brian went to court today [Thursday] to show support for him… and we saw the evidence that is currently being presented. Brian isn’t a murderer or a monster. It was a truly unfortunate incident in every way….

but the truth will come out in the end. Brian didn’t flee!!!! And it will be proven.

If you are a friend of Brian, like many of us are, you can go to the… find out where he is… visit him… and you can help in whatever way you choose.

Brian is an awesome man with an incredible heart… a single dad doing everything he can to provide for his teenage son. Don’t condemn him for the accusations in the media… the details in the media are so mixed… and most aren’t true. At no point was either man driving 90miles… but 50-60… according to police reports… so we should wait till all the facts surface before judgements are made.

This is the first time I have ever been close to a case like this and to see the media’s version compared to the truth is insane… you know… kinda like how civilians think everything they see in porn is real…

Seeing the family of the other accused driver was a trip. They spent most of their time laughing and talking… mad dogging those of us there for Brian. Then after the hearing we went outside… watching the attorney for the 19 year old enjoy his solo time in front of the cameras… his family and friends not giving a statement. The entire time we were there, this man was laughing and smiling like he couldn’t be happier. He also spent a lot of time yapping the faces of the news people…

We all stood behind Brian’s family as his aunt made her statement… only saying that Brian, his family, and his friends, send condolences to the family so tragically hurt. I’m crying behind her… I look up to see the friends of the 19 year old staring us down again… laughing. His friends and family are a direct reflection of him and they didn’t seem to care… his mother didn’t cry when his counts of 2nd degree murder were announced… no grief was shown at all… yet all of Brians supporters looked as if we were at a funeral…because we actually care about both sides…

But the biggest point is the tragic loss the poor family has suffered. I pray we all learn from this situation.

Alana Evans… Brians Friend

> Raging Bull writes: Simply Put: Brain Surewood really fucked up and now he will pay the price. To those of you saying it was “an unfortunate incident” no. It was a tragedy an unfortunate incident is a DWI or something. Killing a child due to your own stupidity is Manslaughter at the least, and murder according to many.

> and adds: He definately wasn’t easy on the eyes, he seems to be liked by many, but clearly he had a dark side and admiited as such in his ADVDT, thing is many of ud do, and many of us do stupid fucking things and get away with it, but his odds caught up with him and noe a tragedy has accured and his life will never be the same.

> Mike South writes: I dont know Brian but I do empathize with his situation. However his situation IS self inflicted… If Brian acted wrecklessly he must pay that price and if he is, in fact, on his third strike then he of all people should have known better.

What if it were you or your loved ones in that car.

Brian and the other accussed posed a direct threat to the life, liberty, and property of everyone in their path, as a Libertarian I believe they both should bear the consequences of doing so. However it did or didn’t happen Brian CHOSE to participate in this, I haven’t seen anyone deny that.

He must now accept the responsibility for his actions.

> Dr. Nasty writes:wow! “unfortunate incident”….I’ve noticed that this thread is kind of split down the middle on this one with his friends making excuses and calling this an “unfortunate incident” and the other half wanting to stone him. Then there is the small percentage that just doen’t really care.

…they both did something incredibly stupid that cost a young boy his life and shattered the lives of that family. Wether Brian did or did not hit the car that crushed the family, he was still involved. He is an accessory. At any time he could’ve and should have chosen to stop. But he didn’t. It shouldn’t have started to begin with. While I wouldn’t call it murder, I would easily agree with a manslaughter conviction. And to the full extent of that conviction as well.

As for people that say he didn’t flee the scene. If you are the cause or directly related to the scene of a crime and you leave or run because you are scared that is fleeing. It doesn’t matter if you turn yourself in later. The only thing that it does is maybe give them a reason to be more lenient on your sentencing.

> Michael Fattorosi, Surewood’s attorney writes: I just wanted to jump in for a minute since I have not posted to this thread at all. Obviously, I have been extremely busy. However, I cannot comment on Brian’s situation other than to say we have continued the arraignment/bail hearing until next Wednesday, Oct 17th.

His bail currently stands at $1.2 million.

Please be careful as to what you post. You may make yourself a witness in a murder trial as well.

We are in the process of interviewing experienced criminal defense attorneys with a background in vehicular homicide cases as well high profile cases. We are also looking into accident reconstruction experts and investigators.

As for Brian, he’s hanging in there but obviously this is not an easy situation on any of the families involved, especially the the Arif family. Brian’s aunt gave a statement yesterday sending Brian’s, his family and his friends thoughts and prayers to the Arif family in their time of mourning.

> Mike South writes:An unfortuneate accident is went a tire blows out and the driver loses control and hits a pedestrian.

Lets be very clear here, IF Brian was involved in the behavior specified by the witnesses, this was NO accident. It was an end result of irresponsible behavior and wreckless disregard for the lives and safety of others.

I’m not convicting brian nor am I giving prosecutors anything they aren’t already going to use, I bear brian no malice or ill will I simply believe that he must accept responsibility for his actions, be they his first felony or his third.

Bottom line, it took two people to make this tragedy a reality and Brian was apparently one of them.

It not my lot to quantify or qualify his involvement, only to suggest that punishment for his culpability is appropriate when the degree of his culpability is determined.

When the Mayor finishes mugging for the cameras and all this dies down he will almost certainly cop a plea.


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