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Alana Evans- “Just Stick it in My Ass”

Porn Valley- Chris and Alana Evans used to have their own weekly show on KSEX, but when they interviewed with Jason Sechrest, over the weekend, they distributed more facts about themselves than probably all their KSEX shows combined.

During the first hour of the program, The Evans announced that they have a new production company called CreamWorks plus a new series in the works in which Alana hunts for young guys between 18 to 21 on MySpace to do porn.

“You’ve broken a lot of guys in,” noted co-host Sam Phillips, talking to Alana who agreed. Sechrest wondered why she was attracted to the innocent. Alana said being the first woman in a guy’s life is a big thing for her.

“And once I started doing porn and one of the many times I cheated on my ex-husband, I was really turned on,” she said. “I was doing so much anal that it wasn’t a big deal back then- just stick it in my ass and not prepare or anything like that. I was totally happy to let dudes fuck me up the ass that never done that before. Because they’ll never forget that. I’m really into the power.”

Chris Evans was asked what’s made their relationship last in the seven years they’re been together.

“It’s amazing,” said Chris. “Because even every time we have sex it’s still the fuckin’ bomb, dude. Traditionally I could never fuck any chick more than a few times before I lost interest in her.” Evans in an earlier portion of the interview mentioned how it was a chore to fuck his ex.

“We talk about everything,” Alana added. “Even if I’m up to scandalous shit I tell him the truth.” Asked what she would consider scandalous shit, Evans said she’s been a bad girl. Filling in the blank, Chris said there were times when he would pass out and that she would bang one of his friends only for him to find out the next morning.

“It only happened once!” Alana claimed. “This is what he’ll do- all you guys go ahead and fuck, I don’t care. Have fun, whatever. Then he’ll go to sleep. One time we did. He’s offered 15 million times and one time I took him up on it! And ooooooh.”

When asked if he was still friends with the guy, Chris said until recently but that wasn’t the reason. The reason was the guy’s girlfriend wouldn’t let him talk to them.

“The dumbass put it down on a calendar when we hooked up,” Alana laughed. “She was, what the fuck. She couldn’t handle it.” As revenge, the girlfriend took the guy’s porn DVDs and left the boxes. With their sex being so great, according to Chris, Sechrest asked the couple what’s been some of their hardest obstacles.

“Porn and porno people and their stupid mouths and shit,” Alana answered immediately. “People will just completely make up shit because they are so unhappy and miserable with their life. That’s the hardest thing we’ve have to overcome.” Phillips suspected that people are jealous of their success.

“We’ve had a lot of nay-sayers along the way,” Chris agreed. Alana contributed a story.

“One stupid chick tried to tell people that he had moved out of the house, moved in with her- she was pregnant with his baby, which isn’t physically possible and that they were going to get married,” she said.

“It’s funny,” added Chris. “The girl came up to me and goes you got me pregnant. I’m, like, actually I had a vasectomy years ago so you’re way off base. So she goes, you gave me a yeast infection at least.”

“If you’re not pregnant, it’s got to be yeast!” Sechrest laughed. Alana recalled calling up the girl because she at one time worked with Chris: “Hey, what’s the new address that I should send your shit to? And the girl was trying to be my friend at the same time. She’s a real home wrecker. She likes to do that.” According to Chris, another thing to keep your relationship together is do whatever your chick says.

“I found that out,” added Chris.

Analyzing their relationship, Alana concluded that they feel more stable with each other.

“We went our separate ways to build a solid foundation within ourselves and get our own security up,” she said. “Now together we’re really strong. Plus we’ve had other obstacles in our family life of people popping up and saying we don’t want you to do porn. We want you to be good. And we tried to follow. But we decided that’s not what we want. We want to do what we want and that’s how it is.”

Chris said he’s been happier now that he’s committed himself to Alana one hundred percent.

Phillips said she always held the Evans’ up as the model couple in the industry.

“I remember there must have been something going on that day in Sex Survivor 2000, and I remember in the morning you [Chris] were sitting on the diving board and you were crying.”

“Yeah, thanks a lot,” said Chris. “I was jerking off and crying- come on.” Phillips recalled that Evans had never been that sexually active before and it was a shock to his system.

“And you were completely overwhelmed.” Chris agreed with that assessment.

“I was overwhelmed and she [Alana] got kicked off the day before,” he continued. “I was alone in this environment and was, my God, everyone’s trying to get me to do crazy shit.” Alana alluded to some scandal and that a lot of things came crashing down that morning.

“These crazy chicks were going and fucking the producer.” Phillips explained that she [Phillips] was hosting the project and that it was on the Internet.

“They did a Sex Survivor,” Phillips continued. “They took 31 porn stars, locked them in a house for 10 days; there were 67 cameras- in every room. During the day there were synchronized games and activities that people would have to participate in and win. And then at night a lot of people were encouraged to continue to have sex because they were told that viewers were voting out a man and woman every morning. I think what happened at some point- maybe five days into it- they started bouncing checks, the executive producers. And it went off online. And the people that were voted out realized they couldn’t get online any more and called the people that were still in the house. At the same time that was going on, I think it was the executive who put up the money was the one that was caught with the other girl. Also if everybody’s in the house and everybody’ tested, for the ten days you know you have to pretty much stay in the group.”

Phillips thinks that Tony English was one of the directors of a crew: “There were all these different crews there- you were not allowed to go outside the group and a couple of the women supposedly did. It was more than one and they hooked up with crew people in their off hours at night. And they would come back into the house and potentially risk the lives of others. Basically everyone was encouraged to fuck 24/7. Literally, out of fear that you would be voted off.”

Alana said then they found out there wasn’t any voting going on and it was the producer just picking who was going to leave.

“What was cool about that,” Chris chimed in, “is that the dude was walking around giving out Viagra and Xanex and shit.”

“No wonder you were crying!” laughed Sechrest.


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