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Alex Woodley: “Keep Your Big Fat Mouth Shut”

Alex Woodley of Dollface Productions wrote the following regarding industry no-shows on which was then reported on by Adultfyi. A reader calling themselves birdbrain responds: Woodley: “However, no-shows and poor attitudes are becoming way too frequent of late. > I booked Veronica Rayne for a costume fantasy BJ shoot last Saturday. We exchanged several emails and phone calls and everything was very clear. ( I should have known something was off when a guy answered her cell.) Shortly before the shoot, she called with a lame excuse about her sister having a crisis, and could she re-schedule. I said OK, (even though I really didn’t believe her) and we re-scheduled for Monday evening.

After several more emails, and a call a half hour before the shoot, she called to cancel FIVE MINUTES before she was supposed to arrive, claiming that her ride to the shoot backed out on her, and that there was no one else who could bring her. Since we were both in Woodland Hills, I offered to pick her up and take her home after the shoot. Not expecting that, she stuttered and paused, and then said she didn’t know me and didn’t feel comfortable with me picking her up. I offered alternative locations for us to meet and she still refused. My take is that the boyfriend, who suddenly refused to drive her, was still at home. I had previously given her at least 15 references of well-known models who would highly recommend me, but she still bailed. > My point isn’t just that she was unprofessional and uncaring of the money she cost a small independent producer (I’m not the first to deal with that), it is also that boyfriends/”managers”/suitcase pimps almost always do models more harm than good. Bad experiences with them is why I no longer allow them to hang around the location during a shoot. > Veronica is my first official UNreccommendation, but while I’m here, I WILL RECOMMEND Annie Body, Celestia (Star), Miss Meadow, Tyler Houston, Roxetta and Cheyenne Hunter (despite her boyfriend).

> Birdbrain responds: First off, Mr. Woodley, I do respect your opinion about flakes in the industry, and I agree with you about how fucked up it is when someone doesn’t show up when they’re supposed to. I agree that it’s very annoying when girls — as they have a tendency to do, being that they are young and their mind is on other things — screw up their responsibilities and don’t do what they say they’re going to do. However, it is, unfortunately, an expected thing for members of the female gender to do such things… if you work in porn and your company relies on the dependability of something with a cunt, tits and ovaries, you’re likely in trouble. Not to mention the fact that irresponsibility is an affliction that plagues most of the “stars” in this industry, being that porn is normally their only opportunity for an income, as they are often incapable of performing to standard in any other arena. However, it is extremely annoying, unfair, and judgemental of you to state that most girls’ problems are due to their boyfriends/spouses, etc. You also label all porn girls’ boyfriends as suitcase pimps AND managers. In fact, many boyfriends of girl porn stars have nothing to say when it comes to any area of her life, let alone whether or not to do a shoot, or getting them/not getting them work. Your immediate assumption was that her boyfriend refused to take her to the shoot? Why not just guess that she accidentally left a tampon in her pussy and was trying to get it out when she slipped on a banana peel and fell on her head, knocking her senseless and that’s when she was possessed by demons, which answered the phone for her, as legion, telling you to fuck yourself with badly patched excuses and lies… I’m saying it’s kind of a stretch to pin it on this boyfriend you don’t even know when it could have been ANYTHING. And let me give you some advice, Mr. Woodley. You need to choose one of two ways to deal with these flake outs that can be so frustrating. 1. Realize that even though she is irresponsible, and causing you grief, all good things that are worth it require work and maintenance. Call her again and wait until it works out, don’t piss anyone off, just call it a missed day and forget all about it, and when she gives you the scene of a lifetime, TAKE it, and treasure it. OR 2. Never use her again. (This option, though inviting, causes alot of missed opportunities for said company in most cases. Remember, this is not a personal relationship; it’s a business relationship. When someone fucks you over in business, the best thing to do is simply let go your burnt fingers and find a way to use them for their goods the next time they’re available.) The third option…. well, it doesn’t work as well, and I don’t consider it an option. The third option, which you have chosen, Mr. Woodley, is to get pissed off, blame whoever’s handy (the evil boyfriend), and go talk shit about her. Interesting tactic, but not very useful to you nor to anyone. Don’t forget that porn girls do have real things occurring in their lives and if a girl comes to you for work, and something very personal comes up in her life that she can’t discuss with you, and you blame it on the boyfriend meanwhile talking shit about her on the internet, she will justifiably hate you forever. And she will tell her friends. Don’t be angry, Mr. Woodley, this is simply a business lesson. One you should learn before you take any more stupid risks with your small, independant company. Sincerely, Hoping You’ll Learn From This One P.S.: Saying that you quite like an individual DESPITE their boyfriend, the person they are committed to and are in love with… is kind of backhanded compliment, at best. It is a dumb thing to say. Best to leave your thoughts where they belong, in your head, and keep your big, fat, bumbling mouth shut. Welcome to porn.


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